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My View For Awhile: home again edition

Having sampled “Nakatish” Meat Pies, and having jawed endlessly with clerics, and having delivered talks and having mactated the Victim in a solemn manner, I head home to a colder clime. My thanks to the nice people I met in … Read More

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“In varietate concordia”, E pluribus unum” and “In necessariis unitas”

In the slimy, slithery scrawl of the head of catholics for Choice to Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times – HERE) cites a Latin phrase “in varietate concordia” which he renders as “unity in diversity.” What the writer, dissident Jon … Read More

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‘c’atholics for Choice and Can. 915

The head of the faux-catholic, pro-abortion, Soros-funded “Catholics for Choice”, Jon O’Brien, ought to be publicly corrected by our bishops in these USA and then denied Holy Communion according to can. 915 until he publicly recant his spiritually dangerous positions. … Read More

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Bp. Egan (D. Portsmouth): denial of Communion can be act of mercy, love

It is time for happy and articulate culture warriors to rise up and speak out. The Bishop of Portsmouth, England, Most Reverend Philip Egan, explained clearly what every bishop and priest ought to be able to repeat in public with … Read More

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The 3 days of darkness – underway

The Religious Ed Conference is being perpetrated in Los Angeles. Watch LIVE…. it’s a hoot.  Right now they are dancing with bowls of burning stuff while singing about themselves. I haven’t heard any mention of Jesus yet. It’s a real … Read More

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Will reaffirmation of teaching on divorce and Communion be ignored?

At his fine canon law blog, canonist Ed Peters, sober, offers a rather scary view of a scary trend.  He has no combox over there. Why the gathering storm over divorce might be worse than was that over contraception Interesting … Read More

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