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Urgent prayer request: health

I am pretty sick at the moment, Friday night, high fever.  I heard confessions for a while tonight that that almost did me in.  I have to give two talks at a men’s retreat tomorrow morning, I have an early … Read More


Bishop Robert C. Morlino: 1st Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Pontificate

With a tip of my biretta to Badger Catholic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02F8F0d2tWA&feature=player_embedded “Truth and charity can never be separated.”

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Liberals still celebrate Anthony Kosnik’s book, once used in seminaries

From The Catholic League about an attack on Pope Francis by the emboldened catholic Left. Remember, the liberals think they have the big right now.  They are hiding behind support for Francis because they hoped that he would approve their homosexual relationships … Read More

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Albany Sourpusses

Here is another example of when laypeople, who have been twisted in their faith by catholic media like The Fishwrap and the Call To Action type organizations in their orbit, go to the zoo about the appointment of their new bishop. … Read More

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“Whoa!” Brick by brick in the Diocese of Madison.

Here is a success story. In the little town of Fennimore, WI, Fr. Miguel Galvez of the Society of Jesus the Priest, implemented a restoration of the St. Mary Church. Before: After: There is an article about this church and the consecration … Read More

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How you would have observed Lent in 1873

For those of you who may think that Lent is a pretty tough time to be a Catholic, giving up chocolate and all year in and year out, this came to me email today.  This is what our forebears did … Read More

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