Napa Institute: Day 2

I am at a breakfast sponsored by Catholic Extension. Archbp. Kurtz is taking about it. He explained that it was its goal to have church in every county in these USA. They have built over 12000 churches. They now give support for seminarians. They provide service to the poor. Last year they dispersed over $30 million.


I had a good chat with Archbp Coakley of Oklahoma City about the late great John Senior and some mutual friends. Also at the table is the local Bishop Robert Vasa, one of the friendliest fellows I’ve met in quite a while. A shot from last night.


Some fun shots.  Label of a new line of wine from Trinitas.


With Fr. Pavone. Our paths cross pretty often.


Evening refreshments.


With the great hearted Archbishop of San Francisco.


Happy Sisters… no bus in sight.


Archbp. Kurtz et aliae



After lunch out with the distinguished Fr Keyes, who does so much for the CMAA, and a distinguished canonist friend and a distinguished fellow who does important work for the NAC, I had a pastoral nap.

Now the evening events are revving up.



Supper commenced.






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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Dear Fr. Z.,
    Can they help a very poor seminarian in England with a very poor mum and no other family help?

  2. HighMass says:

    Fr.Z has Mass been in the E.F.???

    Bishop Vasa was the Bishop o f the Baker, Ore. Diocese at one time, met him and had a wonderful Visit with Him.
    Some of Us were Praying for him in our Diocese when our Bishop Retired….Sorry to say it didn’t happen….

  3. danhorse says:

    It’s great to see the photo of you with Bp. Vasa. We had him for close to eleven years here in the Baker Diocese of Oregon. He always remembered my name which I thought was kind of amazing. We are still reaping the benefits of his great foresight as one of our seminarians just graduated from St. Gregary the Great Seminary in Seward, Nebraska. Bp. Vasa sent him there the year before he left our Diocese, knowing what a wonderful formation he would receive.
    Thanks for posting the photo, Fr. Z.

  4. acardnal says:

    HighMass, according the the conference schedule there have been EF Masses and AB Cordileone is scheduled to celebrate a Solemn High Mass on Sunday.

  5. marmirdc says:

    Bishop Vasa is the priest(at the time) that married us. If you see him again, please tell him hello. Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures and updates of the conference.

  6. cbmiamiensis says:

    My Archbishop is there too. The great Thomas Wenski of Miami. He probably has some of our very fine locally rolled Cuban Crafter cigars with him. Pleased to tell you that we have seriously beautiful liturgies here at The Cathedral and solid preaching (even when His Grace isn’t on the cathedra!) ;0
    Greet him. I’m in the process of presenting to him the final plans and budget for a ad orientam altar restoration (as it was in the beginning…) here in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel oh The Cathedral of St. Mary.

  7. majuscule says:

    Hope this isn’t off topic, the EF has been mentioned and Archbishop Cordileone had been pictured and will be celebrating the EF…

    The Traditional Latin Mass Society of San Francisco announced a few months ago that they are “…working on having the first Pontifical Mass in San Francisco in a very long time. We have two tentative dates that the Archdiocese have given us. They will be confirming soon so we can prepare.”

    Not sure what the date is but if you go to the more recent posts at the above blog you will see items listed that they need for this special Mass…I won’t post the direct link since this is not my blog. :)

    This, on the Left Coast…!

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  9. A church in every county — from their lips to God’s ears. And a priest in every church!

  10. acroat says:

    Thank you for posting the picture of our dear Carmelite sisters. My precious Sr Isabelle is in the picture. She is the one with the most radiant smile (I am biased).

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