NEW Z-SWAG! (This one might surprise you.)

It’s time to have a little fun.

Over at the piranha tanks of Fishwrap‘s combox, you readers – you – were being ridiculed as …


For those of you who may not know, “Zed” is a British English way to name the zaggy last letter of the alphabet (and per se excluding the ampersand).

We should embrace this feeble attempt at ridicule.

Thus, I today roll out my new Z-Swag line for all you “Zed-Heads” and the wanna be “Zed-Heads” at Fishwrap.

Enjoy!  Click HERE and ¡Hagan lío!

The older ones among you can explain to the younger ones what’s going on in this.

There are, now, shirts, mugs, and a great round car magnet.  There are also some black and white items.


And I must thank our official photoshopper for his great work and help.  Be sure to patronize his store.  He is the one who has the marvelous Pius Clocks, with little Papi Pii as the numbers.

It is also a CAFEPRESS store, so when you buy some of my stuff, you can add one or two of his clocks.  They are great gifts!  HERE

Don’t let what’s going on today get you down.  Have some fun, especially when your humorless enemies sneer.

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  1. Andrew D says:

    I love it and look forward to wearing a Zed-Heat shirt. I live in a town full of hippies so what a joy it would be to wear this around them. This is almost as great as that bumper stick that instead of saying “coexist” with all the symbols of islam and other false religions, it says “CONVERT” and “to the Holy Catholic Church” underneath. Thanks fishwrappers! With love from a proud Zed-Head

  2. TWF says:

    “Zed” is used in Canada as well.

  3. Tim Ferguson says:

    Ah, but after your fine instruction a couple weeks ago, a Zed Head would never let the pom on his biretta droop like that. Only cut the top string!

  4. Papabile says:

    I must buy one of these! [Don’t limit yourself to just one!]

    I must guiltily confess that I followed the Dead both in the Summer of 87 and 88….. youthful indiscretions…

    Then I went on to serve in the Army as an Infantryman and later worked for the NCCB….. Talk about turning things on their heads.

  5. The Cobbler says:

    Mugs? Shirts? Not good enough. I need it on my fighter jet.

    Speaking of which, who hid my fighter jet? I know the cloaking technology is fun and all, but I kinda need the thing.

  6. Gregorius says:

    After reading all the stormy news about the synod today, I guess you could say I’m… Grateful… for this post.

  7. RomeontheRange says:

    (Rolling on the floor laughing my alb off)

  8. acardnal says:

    Zed-Heads are not dead!

  9. dafrenchman says:

    Having been raised in Canada, Could we be looking forward to a “ZED-ZED Top” in the form of a Birretta? Could also add some cheap sunglasses…..

  10. cowboyengineer says:

    I am going to order some, as soon as I stop laughing.

  11. benedetta says:

    Impressive swag, Father Z.! And, just in time for that very special authentically commercial and adult “holiday” coming up in a couple short weeks…Get in the spirit!

  12. boko fittleworth says:

    I scraped the Grateful Dead stickers off my truck window before entering seminary. I wonder if this sticker would be less, or more, of a “formation issue.” Small wheel turn by the fire and rod; big wheel turn by the grace of God.

  13. ghp95134 says:

    I found a cartoon by Scott Hilburn that would work well with this “Zed Head” post …. (ungrateful)


  14. hilltop says:

    If we could only zomehow perzuade the readerz of ze fiszwrap. If only zey could appreziate the value and contribuzions of ze reverend fazer Z.

  15. Legisperitus says:

    and per se and per se and per se and per se and

  16. AlexandraNW says:

    This is great. Ordered!

  17. danhorse says:

    I will be happily drinking my morning coffee out of a Zed-Head mug very soon.

  18. catholictrad says:

    Christmas shopping is now done!

    I positively love this “Verbal Judo”. Never let a foolish attempt to insult go to waste!

  19. Mac_in_Alberta says:

    Brick by brick we get . . . . the correct pronunciation of the last letter of the alphabet!

  20. I would love to order a sticker of this to put on my hard hat for work.

    [I added a couple stickers. I think they are square, but they can be trimmed.]

  21. Martlet says:

    I went to “Fishwrap” for the first time yesterday. What a bunch of nasty people! I am still in a state of shock. No, seriously, I was shocked. OTOH, their combox gave me an outlet for all the frustration stirred up by Monday’s non-document. As for the Zed-Head graphic, I am an older person and I still need it explaining.

  22. Per Signum Crucis says:

    Fr. Zed, you excel yourself: these go way, way beyond cool… Maybe some patches as well for stitching onto backpacks and other items?

  23. bsjy says:

    Loved their tunes, but not their lyrics.
    Here’s another swag item for you:
    The (truly) Grateful Dead: The Souls in Purgatory

  24. JesusFreak84 says:

    1) I want that CONVERT coexist parody sticker, 2) when someone gets the sticker, can they post some precise measurements? I’m running out of room on my car for more Z-swag T_T (Father, if you saw a silver car at St. John Cantius plastered in bumper stickers…probably mine =-p )

  25. Marc M says:

    Quod iter diuturnus et peregrinum fuerit?

    Apologies for terrible grammar…

  26. Mariana2 says:

    Very happy to be a Papist throwback, lockstep Zed-Head sheep!

  27. Andkaras says:

    Further proof that those with traditional leanings are not a humorless bunch.

  28. rcg says:

    THIS is extremely cool. Yeah, I’m getting one.

  29. movwater says:

    “I believe in one, holy, and Catholic (universal) Church …” Apparently Cardinal Kasper’s Universal Church excludes Africa. This is not surprising for the Catholic Church in Germany along with major demoniations have an unholy alliance with the Germany government, where all Catholics in good standing in the German Catholic Church must signup to be taxed, the proceeds going to Church, minus a collectors fee for the government. Germany Catholic refusing to signup to taxed are in effect Excommunicated, denied Communion, Church Weddings, Baptism of children, and even Last Rites without special dispensation. No wonder the Church Germany has a declining membership. Perhaps Cardinal Kasper’s outreach to the devoured/remarried, and those living in sin is merely a desperate effort to buildup taxable Church Member. All major churches in Germany have agreed to go along with this scheme, with the exception of the Mormons!

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