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Pope Francis doesn’t have to “break the Church”

Last summer during Acton University I had the chance to get to talk at length with Russ Douthat of Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times… echo chamber of record for the liberal snob elite).  Douthat is a voice of … Read More

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Rome – Day 6: “FALL BACK!” Edition – REQUEST FOR PRAYERS

In Rome, where I am right now, we set our clocks back now, 25/26 October. Therefore, I get an extra hour of sleep which I am obviously not having, because I am posting this. This “fall back” change isn’t such … Read More

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Robin Hooders saving people from parking fines

I saw this at the Free Thought Project: Parking Meter Activists Under Fire After Saving Drivers $80,000 in Fines Stepping in between the State and their revenue stream can be quite hazardous. Activists in Keene, New Hampshire have adopted a … Read More

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