My View For Awhile: R and R

I’m heading off to meet friends for a few days of, hopefully, fun and to catch up with some folks I haven’t seen for awhile in a great city.


We the hardened-travelers get the perk of a little bottle of water.  



How they lavish attention on us.



Next leg.  Arrival and next gate next to each other, saves a dash across the airport.


Last leg.



Ground delay.  Grrrr.

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  1. Andrew says:

    May I ask what is the name of that Breviarium “app”? Looks nice.

  2. Imrahil says:

    looks like the internet site

  3. catholictrad says:

    The app is “BrevMeum” which contains pre-Trent, post-Trent and 1960s settings. I have been using it for three years and highly recommend it.

  4. marcpuckett says: is still the best for those of us without the Apple universe, I think.

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