The Coming Storm – Argentina: topless pro-abort feminists assault men, try to burn Cathedral

UPDATE 15 Oct:

I received this from a trustworthy priest:

I saw your post on the Mar del Plata cathedral assault. Quite frightening demonstration and disappointing response from the rector.

However, the whole event may be more complicated than it seems from the Life Site News report. See:  HERE and HERE

Interesting to note the presence of far right counter-protestors who may have been using the Church and the Cathedral for their own political goals.

Argentinian politics is very complex and I’m no expert, but the whole thing looks much more complex than “pro-abort feminists try to burn down the Cathedral”. Therefore, perhaps Fr. Mestre’s response was one of tact rather than cowardice. I noticed that “marcelus” recommends in a comment that you nuance your post. Might be worthwhile, especially considering that some readers associate Fr. Mestre’s “cowardice” with Bergoglio on account of this being in Buenos Aires, but Mar del Plata is a separate diocese in the Province of Buenos Aires. I’m not sure how Card. Bergoglio could have appointed Fr. Mestre….

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This is what modern feminists and their big-business abortion sugar-daddies have in store where you are.

Each of you should think about what you will do when this sort of thing arrives where you are.

From LifeSite. Warning. The photos and video are dreadful and not a little gross in many respects.

Shock video: Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists assaults praying men, tries to burn Cathedral

WARNING: The video footage included below is shocking, graphic and contains nudity and violence. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. LifeSite is working on creating a censored version of the video which will be available shortly.

Mar de Plata, October 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A horrific and surreal scene unfolded Monday night outside the Cathedral of Mar de Plata in Argentina as hordes of women, many of them masked and half naked, violently assaulted a group of young men who stood outside the Cathedral of Mar de Plata praying and standing watch.

Such violence is becoming the norm for the annual March for Women in the Pope’s native land of Argentina, although this year’s violence seemed to be the most extreme yet, with the women turning their violence against the police, and even attempting to set the Cathedral on fire.

The women tore down the outer gate of the cathedral and hurled glass bottles and feces at the young men standing guard. When they attempted to burn down the Cathedral the police began taking measures to disperse the hordes.


While the police and faithful came out bravely to defend the church form the aggressors, putting their bodies in the way of the hordes, it appears that the local Church hierarchy is not willing to do the same.

Father Gabriel Mestre, the Vicar of the Cathedral, stated that “one has to accept the dynamic and the dissent , and in fact in the Church we have to accept it because I think that more than half is in favor of legal abortion, and for that there are proper avenues, within a pluralistic and democratic society to generate policies which each from his ideological frame of reference considers as an appropriate way to progress, just like happened with ‘marriage’ equality or with divorce.” [traidor cobarde]

Read the rest there.


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  1. DonL says:

    I suspect, if one could trace this pastor’s genealogy that far, one would find an old Jewish Pharisee cuddled in complicity (as an ancestor.)

  2. mplangley says:

    Are we suppose to be pacifist when confronting this type of evil?

    As with last years demonstration the men defending the cathedral seemed remarkably restrained. I wonder if next year the defenders should show up with swords as well as shields.

  3. Sieber says:

    It would seem that the shirtles females had spent more time in a tatoo parlor than in a gym or on a diet. Also, they spent more time on steps facing their own crowd and the cameras than facing the cathedral. Just exhibitionism.

  4. anilwang says:

    mplangley says: I wonder if next year the defenders should show up with swords as well as shields.

    The sword is precisely what these protesters want. They want any violent reaction to show that they are victims and will edit out their own provocation and release those to the media, which is all too happy to side with anything anti-Catholic.

    Look at the case where one person killed an abortion doctor. There are millions of peaceful pro-life families praying and helping women in crisis, yet this one example of an extremist is brought up time and time again by the media to paint the pro-life community as Taliban fanatics.

    Some times a Catholic man must take up the sword. Other times, he must walk into the Colosseum and stand witness, and give Glory to God, as the beasts tear him apart. It’s important not to mix these occasions up. The men acted justly by standing witness. The local Church hierarchy acted unjustly by not taking up the verbal sword to defend his flock.

  5. jaykay says:

    Except, DonL, that the Pharisees were zealous in defence of the old Temple. Gentiles trespassed on pain of death, including the Roman garrison in the Antonia. Dear Father Mestre, they would cheerfully have burned you with it. The World hates you – why do you give these Vichy platitudes. Be a man. The defenders are.

  6. JKnott says:

    Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila, one of many saints given a vision of Hell.
    After the little children of Fatima saw a vision of Hell, which was probably very similar to this video, they prayed and made constant sacrifices for sinners. What a difference if all those peace-less, loud and loveless souls were converted to real Love. This makes me think of Fr Z’s constant exhortation: “Go to Confession” because this is only a smidgen of what Hell must be like.

  7. LarryW2LJ says:

    All right, Father Gabriel! Way to show some backbone, there!

    Trying to burn down God’s House and “we have to accept the dissent”?


  8. mysticalrose says:

    I think I heard one of the women shout, “Hagan Lio!”

  9. Cantor says:

    I appreciate the Policia response to the situation. They intervened between the two groups in an attempt to defuse things, and took individual actions as needed.

    Patience is good… up to a point. But even Jesus drew the line when folks were desecrating His Father’s house.

  10. Clinton says:

    It’s important to keep in mind that this assault on the Buenos Aires cathedral is
    an annual, scheduled event. It’s part of the program for the annual March
    for Women, which is why the Argentinian faithful know to assemble to protect the
    cathedral. For years YouTube videos have been posted of this annual assault on
    the faithful at the cathedral.

    It’s especially maddening to see the Argentine TV reporters’ coverage of this event,
    describing it as a “clash of protesters”, as though both sides were spitting, striking,
    spray-painting, and hurling feces at the other. The police, with rare exceptions,
    stand by and do nothing.

    Since it’s been an annual lio for so long, perhaps a reader of this blog could
    find an instance of our Argentine Pope commenting on this event?

  11. NBW says:

    How demonic. It is the fury of the devil being played out. I pray for those poor men that had to withstand all the vulgarity, and garbage being hurled at them. And prayers for a lukewarm priest-and people wonder how we got to that state in the first place?

  12. Gail F says:

    The only other story I could find about this (LSN is great but can be a little hysterical) said that this was at an annual March for Women, dedicated to protesting the very high number of women murdered in Argentina because they are women (“femicide”). I don’t see how attacking a cathedral and demanding abortion would have anything to do with that, does anyone know about the local situation?
    Having seen previous years’ videos, I think it seems as if this group dialed down on the obscenity and up on the violence. But if the little fire at the base of the cathedral steps is what LSN means by trying to set the cathedral on fire, then that was an exaggeration. It seems like a nuisance fire.
    I so admire the men here. While it seems as if these women are just looking for attention and do not mean actual physical harm (degradation — which is bad enough — but not harm), you never know what will happen in a mob. One bottle broken over a man’s head could have led to a brawl or worse. I don’t know that I could stay so calm against such a crazy onslaught. They are good men.

  13. Long-Skirts says:


    The Cathedral of Mar
    de Plata men
    Faced the gates
    Of Hell and then

    Faced the dogs
    Who eat their vomit
    With chain-linked Rosaries
    A grace-ringed grommet

    Protecting Holy
    Mother’s portal
    Their deed will ever
    Be immortal

    Several hundred
    Rosaries prayed
    As cursing curs
    Their hate displayed

    Dog-like flesh
    Eating mammals
    She hyenas
    Cud-chew camels

    Mongrels, hundreds
    Diablo’s dames
    Sex slaves relieth

    But several hundred
    Solid men
    Each decade prayed
    Were stones of ten

    Aimed at half-bloods
    Like David before
    Each Ave slung
    Gainst hellion’s whore

    The Cathedral of Mar
    de Plata men
    “As it was in the beginning,
    Is now…” Amen!!

  14. marcelus says:

    Fr what LSN are reporting is not tru as it concerns the Priest in Mar del Plata, my birh place-

    Hear Fr Mestre speak for yourself and please consider taking back the traidor cobarde red tag for you are wrong here.

    What lifesite reports is not anywhere to be found .

    What he says, (in spanish) is he recalls how the agresssion took place, how many families were attending mass sinc oct 12th is a lomg weekeng holiday here and Mar del Plata is a favourite with tourists. He goes on to say ” we respect everyone’s opinions as such, some may agree with abortion with which we absolutely disagree” and so on- and how if the march was against violence on woman, a(a sad reality) we obviously oppose that.No mention of any of the rest anywhere

    [I will consider it, with more clear information.]

  15. Clinton says:

    I had always hoped that, when this annual attack on the Buenos Aires cathedral
    is staged, the men are encouraged by their priests. I’d always hoped that somewhere
    in the crowd of defenders were a few Argentine priests, concealed in civilian dress,
    arms linked with their fellow Catholic men, leading by example.

    Reading the remarks of Father Mestre, Vicar of the Cathedral, I’m much less
    hopeful that those brave Catholic men have any priests concealed amongst them.
    I would dearly love to find out I’ve been too pessimistic on that score.

  16. Gabriel Syme says:

    I have not watched the video as it will only make me angry and encourage thoughts of violence.

    While the cathedral defenders are well meant, I think simply acting as additional targets for missiles may be counter-productive. Perhaps their defence could be, ahem, more proactive in some (legal) fashion?

    All of we who live in more civilised places, (even if only a little more civilised), should write to our nations Argentine Embassy / Consulate and strongly protest about this annual spectacle. Such behaviour would never be tolerated by Police, were the target a mosque or synagogue or even “gay bar”.

    We should let the Argentine Ambassadors know exactly what impression this gives of their nation across the globe.

    As a British man, (Scots), I may well add that, given Argentine Policemen cannot seem to prevent this annual circus at the hands of mere feminists, then I guess I can better understand the performance of Argentine masculinity in the Falklands war (I want to get their attention, you see).

  17. Gabriel Syme says:

    “traidor cobarde”

    And how!

  18. TimG says:

    I don’t get it. These goons are committing crimes. The church has a right to protect their property and the police have a duty to arrest them. This is way beyond free speech. Want to go protest outside on public ground and wave signs? Fine. But to deface / damage property / assault people….? Those are crimes. If the police isn’t willing to do it….then the parishioners need to step up and provide protection. To do nothing only emboldens these people.

  19. DeGaulle says:

    From my ideological frame of reference, this is the work of the devil. Such devotion to Death. Such dedication to defilement and desecration. The Gates of Hell have been thrown open. This is nothing less than a direct challenge to the Holy Father himself. Let us pray.

  20. Clinton says:

    I presume the March for Women mob is attacking the cathedral because they
    believe the Church is mean and oppressive to women. So when will they be
    scheduling a similar screaming mob attack on a Buenos Aires mosque?
    And how do you think the Argentine media would choose to report that
    particular “clash of demonstrators”?

  21. The Cobbler says:

    Everyone knows I’m the guy who just can’t help but use problematically large sentences, and even I can barely parse the statement by the Vicar.

  22. Benedict Joseph says:

    “Traidor cobarde.” Indeed. Seems to be a pandemic these days… If I was low info I’d say it started in Argentina, but surely it hasn’t. It could be a strain that has mutated from the German- Hierarchical-Jesuit mutation. I hear its even made an enormous impact in Rome.

  23. Sonshine135 says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    Chimpanzees throw their own feces. Calling these individuals women is giving them a dignity they don’t deserve in their present and unrepentant state. God help them all!

    Fr. Mestre is giving us some insight into how another Argentinian Priest, a certain Pontiff if you will, probably views the world. Whilst I do not want to paint with too broad a brush, these words could have come as well from the Holy Father and I would not have even blinked.

  24. acmeaviator says:

    Actually a bit of persecution has always brought out the best in the Church historically – if anything it is the lack of such events in the last few hundred years which has led to the current Synod horror show.

  25. Susan M says:

    They look like a bunch of nympho lesbo killer whores.

  26. excalibur says:

    traidor cobarde


    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  27. Raymond says:

    Personally, I prefer Putin’s and the Russian Orthodox Church’s response to the Pussy Riot bimbos who desecrated Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow–immediate arrest and jail time.

  28. Athelstan says:

    Fr. Mestre is apparently also heads the Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue, and is an expert of the Episcopal Commission for Ecumenism and Relations with Judaism, Islam and Religions of the Episcopal Conference Argentina. But not, seemingly, ecumenical enough for the protesters.

    He was appointed vicar of the Cathedral of Mar del Plata by Cardinal Bergoglio in October 2012.

  29. Gratias says:

    When a Pope or Cardinal appoints weaklings such as Fr. Mestre of the Cathedral of Mar del Plata he is an accomplice to these líos. Cria cuervos y te comerán los ojos (raise Ravens and they will eat your eyes out). The Patrem Patrii is the one that must judge, otherwise the entire structure of Christian Civilization crumbles.

    In the meantime in Chile Pope Francisco has gone ahead with the appointment of Bishop Barros of Osorno despite the street líos against this pedofile protector. Francisco did deign a comment on this holy lío and it was that Catholics opposed were “izquerdistas”. It is noteworthy here that Papa Francisco used the word “leftist” in a derogatory sense. Previously, it was us Pelagian Pharisiacal Rosary counters that were always at fault and the liberation social justice option for the poor guys who were fantastic. In other news Roger Cardinal Mahony is still an Elector.

    We need our leaders on our side, for this is war on the Holy Mother Church.

  30. sjmeinhofer says:

    As courageous as the men are defending the cathedral, I find their noble stance to passive. I wish they would not show up next year and let the women carry on with their destruction. Camera crews filming bare breasted women storming the cathedral. Desecrating it. Burning it to the ground. Chanting and rejoicing that the church is dead. This would be the same sentiment as compassionate Catholics feel in their Unitarian hearts. Then we would hear how we need to engage the women in a meaningful dialogue to understand their frustration, anger and deep disappointment with an all male hierarchy. The Argentine bishops can show true mercy by not pressing charges against these courageous women. the metropolitan archbishop can invite ministers of the neocat way to service the needs of the faithful at a local soccer field. The women in their prophetic wisdom can pave a new path away from viceregal colonial superstition and allow people to worship among nature in the true spirit of Laudato Si. A churchless, poor and humble church showing the world humility, repentance and bitterness for enslaving and deceiving women for millenia. Our courageous pastors can even invite bare breasted priestesses to preside over liturgies to show there is no shame in our gender and sexuality. Priests can rent out stadiums and host massive celebrations of divorce, the new sacrament of love and empathy. Men, womyn, transgenders, lgbt-q priests all gathered to renounce the slavery of patriarchal marriage to embrace and celebrate in “love wins.”

  31. MaryL says:

    Hate crime. These women are infested with demons. The Bishops in Argentina need to do an exorcism and make reparation to Our Lord.

  32. Mr. Graves says:

    A commenter on the Parisian “femen” — who pull similar tricks — noted the unusual link between nudity (in this case toplessness) and these types of attacks. Why do these women feel compelled to expose themselves? Why use feces and urine, which must be awful to “bottle” and carry around to use as projectiles? These attacks can only be demonic in origin. The least thoughtful reflection would lead to the conclusion that baring breasts isn’t a reasonable response to sexual objectification (the alleged reason for the Day of Women). And as for saving feces, I can only think of the line from Goodfellas, where Mrs. Hill opens the door for the cops to search: “I always offered them coffee. Some of the wives would curse them and spit on the floor. They *spit* on their own floor! Can you imagine?”

  33. Mr. Graves says:

    Sorry, faulty memory. Exact quote: “Some wives, like Mickey Conway, used to curse at them and spit on the floor. She used to spit on her own floor. That never made any sense to me.”

  34. Gabriel Syme says:

    Mr Graves,

    You remark on the link between nudity and this kind of violence:

    Its interesting to note that the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen taught that such nudity was a surefire indicator of the presence of the demonic.

    One of the videos of his lectures on Youtube deals with this, I think the lecture is called “The Devil and the Diabolic” if memory serves.

  35. KateD says:

    In a previous year’s protest the young people came out to defend the cathedral because the protesters were spray painting and vandalizing. The bishop would not involve the police. The young Catholics I think we’re worried about the vandals getting inside. Young ladies and men locked arms and made a human sheild around their church. They prayed the rosary over and over. At a point protesters were ripping the shirts off the young female Catholics and exposing them. It was awful. The girls of course left and the protesters did all manner of horrible things to the young men, including putting things in their mouths while they prayed, in order to stop their prayers. Protesters ripped shirts off of Catholic young men and used sharpies and spray paint to write vulgar things on the young men’s chests, and on their faces. The young men did not lift a finger to defend themselves, but remained with arms locked, focused on prayer.

    Here’s a link to another one with subtitles so you can see what they are saying.
    Sin vergüenza.

    As others have said, this is a spiritual battle, and I am deeply concerned for the next generation who will be adults in 4 years. They have no fathers, they have no faith, they have no respect for authority, their minds have been twisted by a steady diet of Harry Potter and vampirism, etc. They have spent countless hours in graphic video games identifying (mentally training via ideation) through avatars they create to represent themselves killing other people. They are survivors of the abortion holocaust who on a subconscious level feel human value is derived from wantedness. Therefore they have no value for human life. What I have recently witnessed among these children from 8 to 13 years of age while “playing” is horrifying. It goes beyond ‘boys will be boys’, it goes beyond bullying…they have blood lust. I have seen this in multiple incidences with different children from varying cultures and socio-economics. The wave that is about to break on our world is certainly of demonic design. We have only begun to see the swell against the horizon.

    We need to PRAY UNCEASINGLY and reclaim our culture starting with the family, traditional marriage, cessation of abortion, return to morality….but even more foundational….a return to right worship. The reading at Mass on September 13 was about man worshiping the creation rather than the Creator and that God therefore allowed them to devolve into their immorality. Isn’t this exactly what we are experiencing today?

  36. Worm-120 says:

    I have a question for anyone; suppose the crazies actually get into the church, so there is concern for the blessed sacrament (thinking about that movie where the nazis are breaking into the bishops office and they all quickly consume the hosts that are there), what if there’s only one person there? Do they reverently consume the one the are able and try to hurriedly dispose of the others in the sacristy( not sure how that’s done, dissolving?) or in extreme cases are people able to consume multiple hosts ( not within the context of mass)? I recently learned that there can be quite a few hosts reserved in the tabernacle and was thinking there should be a contingency plan.

  37. Imrahil says:

    The maximum of consecrated Hosts you can consume is limited by how much your body can safely take in without danger of sickness.

    The maximum of consecrated Wine you can consume is limited by the fact that a Christian should not get drunk (as in “totally drunk”, as in “drinking one’s brains away”), much less from the Blessed Sacrament.

    Apart from that, in an emergency where the alternative is desecration by others, I don’t think there is any limit.

  38. marcelus says:

    For the record. Fr Mestre was made Vicar General in 2012 by Mar del Plata Bishop Antonio Marino, See link,.

  39. Gail F says:

    Thank you for this update. As distressing as the video is, it sounds as if there’s a whole lot going on here — political as well as social — that we don’t know anything about. Fr. Z is right to ask what we would do if and when it happens to us, but it’s very good to remember that we don’t know the whole story here and that story is probably pretty bizarre.

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