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UPDATED: What Did The Synod Really Say? Some analysis of the Final Report.

I’ve added more feedback. _____ ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED Published on: Oct 25, 2015 @ 18:10 As I mentioned in an earlier post, since I have been on pilgrimage, I’ve tried to be in as much of a Synod Free Zone as possible. … Read More

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Rome – Day 3: Synod Free Zone, Abbatial Mass and – Fr. Z rants

I have been – mostly on purpose – in a Synod Free Zone in the last few days, even though I am at Ground Zero.   Yes, I am hearing a lot.  No, I am trying not to let it … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard on Sunday? Let’ us know. Meanwhile… from a reader: Father, your charity in asking for only GOOD points made in the Sunday Sermon Notes is admirable. However, you are being … Read More


WDTPRS: Christ the King (1962 Missale Romanum)

In the post-Conciliar, Novus Ordo calendar, the Solemnity of Christ the King is the last Sunday of the liturgical year, just before Advent begins.  In the traditional Roman calendar it falls on the last Sunday of October.  The feast was … Read More

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