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Thoughts on the Synod: Saruman v. Ents, Orcs v. Fangorn

I am receiving one cri de coeur after another. Lots of people are confused and angry and sad about what they are hearing.  Instead of firm foundations from bishops, we got sand.   Yes, can can make cement with sand, but … Read More

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Fr. Z asks tech advice

I have always had a hard time getting movies/videos from my iPhone to my WordPress blog (this blog) and, therefore, I don’t post many or any.  Too bad!  I see some cool stuff. I have one on my phone that … Read More

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Rome – Days 4 & 5: Jesuits and snakes – GOFUNDME for Pontifical Vestments

The other day I mentioned that I was upset enough by what I had heard about the Synod shenanigans that I walked for a few hours. One of the places I wound up was P.za di Spagna and the great … Read More

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Mass for Benefactors, some Synod Notes, and forming my Battle Plan

While here in Rome, I have each day been saying Mass for my benefactors for this Rome trip.  Today I will be saying Mass for you sometime between 1800-1900 (I think) Rome time.   If I am not mistaken, in … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Why were non-bishops voting at Synod of BISHOPS?

I received this from a priest reader. QUAERITUR: I am confused. I thought that a Synod of Bishops was a group of Bishops. That is also what Canon 342 says. But according to Fr. Thomas Reese the recent Synod also included … Read More

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