“Sandwiched between two forms of dhimmitude: Koran or Agenda-driven”

Fr. Jacques Hamel (+2016)

At the online site of the excellent Regina magazine there is a good piece about the rock and the hard place, the Scylla and Charybdis, the fire and the frying pan, the deep blue sea and the devil, betwixt which we find ourselves.

A Catholic Caught Between Jihad and the Agenda

ISIS has made its intentions clear: “the Christian community… “will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam. We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women….”

It happened yesterday, but it could have been the 700’s. Yesterday, Pere Jacques Hamel, an octogenarian pinch-hitting for a vacationing parish priest in Normandy’s beautiful city of Rouen, was forced to kneel before the altar where he was saying Mass, and martyred.

Only a couple of old nuns and two parishioners were present to see this gentle servant of God beheaded by blood-stained jihadis. Two hundred years of aggressive secularism has had its effect. France today is a proudly secular state run almost exclusively by leftists; few French people attend Mass outside of the traditionalist Catholic community, which is astonishingly large and strong, though a secret outside of France.

This martyrdom is of course only the latest in a series of Islamist outrages that almost now daily attack the civilized world. In 2015, France endured more than 800 attacks on Christian places of worship and cemeteries – most unreported.


[…]Why is this? Allahu Akbar does not fit the Narrative. In the view presented by the mainstream media across the West, almost without exception, we are governed by good, decent men and women who only want to promote global trade and peaceful relations. In a word, ‘Coexist’. These powerful men and women are just like us, the governed. They have children, even grandchildren. They live modest, decent lives. They are ‘public servants.’ They are against ‘hate’ and ‘judging’ we are solemnly assured, until of course Wikileaks reveals otherwise.

Most people are too busy to focus on this. We all want to believe that all is basically well, that these events are tragic anomalies, that everything is under control. When the furor dies down, we will all go back to our lives. As a Catholic, I will go back to my rosary and my Mass. I will ‘coexist’ of course, what choice do I have?

That the West’s political elites know this–and bank on it as the source of their power–is clear. Politics as usual goes on in service of this agenda. Payments are made into bank accounts. Police in America will be targeted and executed by thugs paid out of slush funds. Less spectacular attacks on women with children in the streets of Frankfurt or Paris or Peoria will go unreported. School curricula will be changed to reflect the new world order. Anyone questioning this will be ostracized, placed on ‘extremist’ list. Public toilets will be gender -neutral. Children will be trafficked for the tastes of those who can pay for it. Victims be damned.

Meanwhile, in the political arena, gargantuan egos collide, seemingly impervious to the fact that the ‘little people’ now have a window into their world, far beyond what we used to see in their apparently-controlled media.

Today, the little people see the corruption, the double-dealing, the selling of favors, the gambling with our children’s lives. We understand that the mainstream media is also for sale. But most frighteningly of all, we see that our Western leaders are fiddling while Rome burns.

I think I speak for many millions when I say that I do not want the dystopian future all this portends. I do not want to live sandwiched between two forms of dhimmitude: Koran or Agenda-driven.



May I recommend a couple books?

The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America by Andrew McCarthy

Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War by Sebastian Gorka


Meanwhile, at Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter) we find this:

Dublin archbishop rebukes Cardinal Burke’s comments on Islam


In a recent interview on his new book, Burke said that Islam seeks to govern the world and that the only way to save Western civilization is to return it to its Christian roots. “I don’t think that helps at all,” Martin rebuked.

“Does Islam want to rule the world? There may be some people of the Islamic faith who do, but Islam itself has another side within it — a caring and a tolerant side,” he added.

Interreligious tensions, he suggested, are caused by inequalities, people feeling excluded, and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, which he warned would be used to justify violence the longer it was allowed to continue. “Long term solutions will come from education,” he said.


Right!  They just need some education.

I posted on Burke’s comments HERE.

Be sure to read what I posted from Gorka’s book (above) about Islam’s goal of world rule.

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  1. excalibur says:

    Pope Francis says the world is at war but it isn’t religious:


    Then, after saying this, next day Francis stumbles (not for the first time either):


    Fatima, anyone? “a bishop dressed in white was seen struggling through a ruined city, shot at with arrows”.

    The “ruined city” is the post Vatican II Church, the “arrows” are the outrages against His Church from whatever source. And, sad to say, and I pray daily for Francis, he is shooting some of those arrows himself.


    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    I am not waiting for the Crusades 2.0. This Pope won’t call one; even if the mohamadans destroy the Sistine Chapel—which is on their #1 all-time, bestest ever, let’s git’r done, to-do list.
    I am a Templar of one. I carry my knight bag (really it’s a backpack, but who’s splitting hairs?) which has my armor plate carrier, IIIa helmet, AR pistol (5.56mm hollow 72 grain HP—bacon kissed), 9mm Beretta in a quick clip leg mount (my own design), electronic flash-bang, 2 35 gram cellotex packs, and a 10 pack of Mylar blankets. My vest has 3 30round mags, and the pistol has a spare 17rd mag in the ‘holster’. weighs like 20+ pounds—not too bad for a 6’5″ frame.
    I deploy when I hear Aloha Snackbar….

  3. acardnal says:

    I’m sorry but those comments of ArchBishop Martin of Dublin sounds like the puke that Obama has been spewing for eight years. It’s nothing more than ignorant P.C.B.S.

  4. Athelstan says:

    Interreligious tensions, he suggested, are caused by inequalities, people feeling excluded, and the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, which he warned would be used to justify violence the longer it was allowed to continue.

    Interreligious tensions also exist because the two religions fundamentally disagree on the nature of God, His Creation, and the relationship between the two. And that disagreement has been going on for 1400 years, generally violently. Those differences will never go away no matter how much he tries to veil them or how many inequalities and senses of exclusion he manages to help rectify.

    Cardinal Martin was gracious enough to celebrate a Pontifical Mass today for Juventutem in Krakow. But he seems unwilling to grasp and proclaim the truth of Christ embodied in the prayers of that Mass, and how irreconciliable that is with the Islamic creed.

  5. Kathleen10 says:

    I wish I could say there would be no one taking Archbishop Martin’s words seriously. Given the evidence of our eyes it should be obvious this is not the case, and I doubt many are fooled by the pope’s astounding comment, the day after Father Hamel was martyred that this is not a war of religion. His cause for beatification will hopefully begin quickly, or he be declared a martyr officially, or some other evidence given that demonstrates our church is still Roman Catholic.

  6. Rob83 says:

    Too many bishops and ecumenists fail to grasp the basic logic that Christianity and Islam are irreconcilable. If Christ is who he says he is, Mohammad cannot be who he says he is, and vice versa.

    I get the feeling that too many leaders of today would be perfectly happy under Islam so long as they got to keep the power and perks of their positions.

  7. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    I just read a Catholic Herald article which presents a striking little anthology of quotations and descriptions. Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney “said the murder was an attack on […] all religion.” And “The Archbishop of Paris Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, has said Catholics should ‘overcome hatred’ and to shun ‘the game’ which ISIS wants to play setting ‘children of the same family in opposition to each other’.” Meanwhile, “On Radio 4’s Today programme, Fr Christopher Jamison argued that churches should not respond by adopting high-security measures.”


  8. IloveJesus says:

    Perhaps the MSM could give examples of this “caring and tolerant side” they tell us so much about.

  9. excalibur says:

    ‘children of the same family in opposition to each other’.”

    There it is again! The falsehood that Mohammedanism is an Abrahamic religion. A massive error allowed into the Church.

    There is but one way to the Father.


    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

  10. Kerry says:

    JustaSinner, careful there pardner. You’re giving away,(revealing), your position. Need to know basis, and so forth. Charlie Zulu dittos.

  11. un-ionized says:

    I’ve never understood that pork bullets thing. The Moslems you are shooting at don’t know about it so does that mean you believe that coming into contact with pork makes them unclean?

  12. pannw says:

    In a world where bishop stands against bishop, archbishop against Cardinal…I stand with Cardinal Burke, because he stands with the Truth. I will not stand with those who keep telling me not to believe my lying eyes. I will pray for them, though.

    This ‘long term education’ the archbishop desires should include some history. Islam has been a conquering by the sword ideology since Muhammad got his messages from the (obviously fallen) angel. The archbishop makes it sound like the ‘inequalities’ are not of the Islamists’ own making. Perhaps if they didn’t treat their women like chattel and overcame their hatred of all that is good, they might not still be living in the stone age. Also, I would ask him what else he wants the West to do for these savages, when as we see with the Boston Marathon bombers and a great number of the terrorists, they have been taken in and given welfare and education, and yet they still hate us. We supported the Boston Marathon bombers from their childhoods; they had ‘education’, the youngest attended Dartmouth on ‘scholarship’, and still they made their plans to kill as many of us as they could.

    So yes, I stand with Cardinal Burke, who has eyes to see and the courage to speak the Truth.

  13. acricketchirps says:

    un-ionized – I think the important thing is you SAY you have pork rubbed bullets… it gets around.

  14. bethv says:

    I suspect that many in the protected class called the Church hierarchy do not fathom the true cost and depth of the atrocities being committed in the name of Islam or the real nature of the enemy of the One True God. I don’t think their minds can accept the idea of the terror that has been unleashed on the world. I tend to doubt that appeasers like Archbishop Martin take the existence of the devil too very seriously because they are basically humanists in shepherd’s clothing. Their solution is to have extensive dialogue and to blame those being slaughtered for not being loving or understanding enough towards those who seek their annihilation.

  15. un-ionized says:

    bethv, i feel the same way. My experience with our bishop is that he is an administrator and in other circumstances would be in a cubicle moving papers from one department to another while answering the phone. I think the Church to some people is all about the personnel files and fish fry income.

  16. excalibur says:

    Dear bethv:

    Do not use the term ‘Islam’, which means submission. It is what Mohammedans / Muslims want.

    Thank you.


    Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

  17. Semper Gumby says:

    Beverly Stevens, Regina editor, wrote: “In 2015, France endured more than 800 attacks on Christian places of worship and cemeteries – most unreported.[…]Why is this? Allahu Akbar does not fit the Narrative.”

    Indeed. An example of unreporting, or at least underreporting, from the US is found in a KSTP-TV news report that, I am told, is no longer to be found on the KSTP website. However, this particular news video from the Minneapolis area was archived by Gateway Pundit and can be found in a July 6 article by Jim Hoft entitled “Somali Muslims Terrorize Upscale MN town- threaten to rape homeowner.” There is a second video in Jim Hoft’s article on a seperate incident.

    As Andrew McCarthy notes in his book The Grand Jihad, the Leftist Agenda people may want to reconsider “celebrating” Islamism. The Regina editor said it well when she expressed concern about the Dhimmitude of the Koran, the Leftist Agenda that obscures or conceals reality, and the dystopian future that all this portends.

  18. JMody says:

    So let me get this straight — a man who is a cardinal of the Catholic Church, and heads the order founded in 1099 to defend the Faith from what could charitably be called expansionist Moslems, made a statement that says Moslems seek to expand the borders of their realm, and recommends turning to Christ and His Church as a means to strengthen society against this expansionism. A second man, also a bishop of the Catholic Church, says that he doesn’t think this will help at all? At ALL?? Not even the turning to Christ part?
    It seems to me that (1) Bp. Martin is more upset with the job description being faithfully fulfilled than anything personal about Burke, and (2) the honorable thing for him to do, if he doesn’t think turning to Christ will help AT ALL, is to reflect on his own job description as the pastor of souls in his diocese and how maybe he should at least join in encouraging conversion of heart and turning to Christ. I can’t imagine this is going to look good on the Eternal Performance Evaluation …

  19. un-ionized says:

    The name of the religion is Islam. Can’t ignore that.

  20. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Further on the ‘quis custodet custodes?’ front:

    “Several semi-automatic pistols, one small-caliber automatic rifle and a shotgun” are missing from a weapons room at U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Panzer Kaserne, home to the garrison’s headquarters and to elite units such as Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs:


    and one of the murderers of Fr. Hamel ” ‘easily’ passed a police investigation to become an airport baggage handler”:


  21. Muv says:


    “I carry my knight bag (really it’s a backpack, but who’s splitting hairs?) which has my armor plate carrier, IIIa helmet, AR pistol (5.56mm hollow 72 grain HP—bacon kissed), 9mm Beretta in a quick clip leg mount (my own design), electronic flash-bang, 2 35 gram cellotex packs, and a 10 pack of Mylar blankets. My vest has 3 30round mags, and the pistol has a spare 17rd mag in the ‘holster’. weighs like 20+ pounds…”

    Ditch the lot, it’s excess baggage, and just carry a set of Rosary beads – much lighter and it will get you further.

  22. Filipino Catholic says:

    Idea: Missa votiva pro Ecclesiae defensione? Perhaps thirty of them done in succession, after the Gregorian manner?

  23. Semper Gumby says:

    Venerator wrote: “quis custodet custodes.” Ok, that was good, particularly as Fr. Z discussed that word recently (in a Collect?) and I’m away from my Latin books.

    Speaking of quis custodet custodes and your news articles, there was an incident in Egypt in early 2011 just after Mubarek left office. A small element of the Egyptian Army, amidst copious shouts of Allah Akhbar, used tanks and RPGs to damage the walls of several Coptic monasteries. Several monks were wounded by small-arms fire.

    Here’s a news item that fits in with Andrew McCarthy’s book, from the Clarion Project last week: “Exclusive: Sanders Delegate is Member of Fuqra Terror Cult.” Fuqra is Jamaat alFuqra, also known as Muslims of the Americas, and it has a number of compounds in the rural US. If I recall, this Sanders delegate is running for office in Alaska. Quis custodet custodes indeed.

  24. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Dr. Thomas D. Williams has more about the Archbishop of Paris Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois and a sermon of his (with the French text linked, which seems, judging by his quotations in translation, to strike a different tone from the Herald’s ‘children of the same family’ quotation) – in an article of 30 July for Breitbart entitled “Paris Cardinal: Islamists Worship a ‘God of Death’ “.

  25. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Meanwhile, a Belgian priest in Lanaken (not far over the border from Maastricht) who reportedly responded more charitably than prudently to a self-described asylum-seeking refugee, has been rushed to the hospital after the latter attacked him with a knife at his home.

  26. jhayes says:

    Venerator Sti Lot quotes Breitbart as saying “Paris Cardinal: Islamists Worship a ‘God of Death”

    He didn’t say “Islamists” He said “Those who wrap themselves in the trappings of religion.”

    Those who wrap themselves in the trappings of religion to disguise their deadly aims, those who want to proclaim a god of death, a Moloch who would be pleased by men’s death and who promises paradise to those who kill in his name – those people shouldn’t have any hope that humanity will give in to their delusions.

  27. Venerator Sti Lot says:


    Thanks – good for the rest of us to have you Francophones around! (I did not really try puzzling away at the official text Dr. Williams linked. Do you know if anyone has put a full translation online anywhere?)

  28. jhayes says:

    VSL sorry, I haven’t seen a translation of the full homily.

  29. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    “The Pope and Holy War” by Denis MacEoin (PhD in Persian/Islamic Studies from Cambridge (King’s College), sometime lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Newcastle University and editor of a US-based journal, The Middle East Quarterly) seems a superb brief overview – a good preparation to the books recommended here, and those he notes:


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