URGENT POLL – 26 Sept 2016 – Trump v Clinton Debate


A great deal hangs on the outcome of tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (boooooooo).  I, for one, would vote for the corpse of Millard Fillmore to keep the later out of office of any kind, much less the White House.

I will watch the debate with popcorn and friends in an unlikely place: Park Ridge, IL.  As you may remember, that is the hometown of the candidate whom I hope to watch self-destruct in front of some 100 million viewers.

Are you planning on watching the debate?

Everyone can vote in these polls.  If you are registered to comment, use the combox, below… but THINK before posting, please.  No one can see how you voted, signed in or not.

Trump v Clinton Debate of 26 Sept 2016

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Let’s have a YUGE turnout for this 2nd edition of this poll today, before the debate.  I’ll post a follow up after.

As of right now, BEFORE the 1st debate, I am inclined to vote on the US presidential ticket for...

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  1. CradleRevert says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch the debate. It will only ignite my temper, which isn’t good for my soul. I already know which way I’ll vote (Trump….solely for the purpose of keeping Clinton out of the White House), so there is no practical reason for me to watch the debate.

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    Here is an interesting article I saw for the first time yesterday:

    From A Catholic Apology to Trump & His Voters:

    The dignity of every individual includes good reputation. Catholics are admonished to avoid name-calling, gossip and other harm to a person’s reputation in the community. Canon 220 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law provides:

    “No one is permitted to harm illegitimately the good reputation which a person possesses or to injure the right of any person to protect his or her own privacy.”

    These rights inhere in “the exceptional dignity which belongs to the human person.” (Gaudium et spes, 1965). There is no exception to this Catholic precept because an individual says something “vulgar” or behaves awkwardly or selfishly – or because a person supports a candidate who speaks to them in familiar sentiments and language. To the contrary, one’s protection against intentional harm to his or her reputation by others is embedded as a right in their very humanity.

  3. wrightfam says:

    I think this is the first time that I have tried to stay away from all pre election debates and news. I don’t like Donald Trump but I know I have to vote for him so I’m trying to stay away from any information that will make me want to stay home on Election Day.

  4. Chris Rawlings says:

    I live in Jerusalem, but I’m going to try to wake up at 3:00 tomorrow morning to catch it. It’ll likely be classically entertaining.

  5. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    You left out one important category:

    I can’t vote (because I am not registered, not a citizen, a convicted felon, dead, etc.) but I will vote for Hillary Clinton.

    [Good points. And given that I am in Chicago, I should really have thought of that. Also, “I plan on voting more than once, even after death, for…”]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  6. TxBSonnier says:

    I live in a traditionally blue county of a very red state, so I will probably vote for a write in. Though I’ve heard rumors that my state (TX) may not be the sure thing for Trump that is has been for Republicans in the past. If it looks like my vote won’t be on either side of a landslide then I’ll reconsider.

  7. Benedict Joseph says:

    SUPREME COURT. You must vote for a better than otherwise scenario. Trump will provide a better Supreme Court. There is no choice but to vote for Trump. Its a reality sandwich that I would prefer from Ted Cruz, but I’ll take it from Donald Trump gladly.

  8. I will bet $5 that (a) Hillary will back out of the debate at the last minute, and (b) the media will still declare her the winner.

  9. jselson says:

    I have been, since Ted Cruz lost the primaries, #NeverTrump except for a brief spat after Trump released his SCOTUS noms list. But that ended after Joe Scarborough’s “revelation” about Trump’s eagerness to use nuclear weapons, and I went back to #NeverTrump, reasoning that even the discounted harm of a nuclear attack would be as awful in human lives lost as Hillary’s policies would contribute to unborn children’s lives lost. So I contributed to Evan McMullin’s campaign.

    Well, I now think Ole Joe was blowing smoke up a lot of folks’ you-know-what.

    And Trump’s policies on everything have become more detailed, more sensible, and more conservative.

    And he did a pretty fine job in his Mexico meeting.

    And this now well-known argument seems very, very hard to beat: http://www.claremont.org/crb/basicpage/the-flight-93-election/

    And frankly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Don Lemon’s head explode if Trump won.

    So I voted Trump in the poll, and look forward to watching this debate. If he’s awful, then I very well could revert back. But I have a sense that he’s gonna surprise everyone, and mop the floor with Hillary. And I have a sense that, just like with Brexit, the polls are understating how many folks are going to vote Trump.

  10. Jacob says:

    “A great deal hangs on the outcome of tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (boooooooo).”

    Maybe, but maybe not. I don’t think there are that many undecideds out there to be swayed at this point. Low information voters have probably already made their choice thanks to the media narrative that Trump is an evil fascist who will purge every single “undocumented” person and lead this country into NUCLEAR war. (Never mind the fact Obama seems to be doing that already with Russia over Syria, Syria of all things!)

  11. Geoffrey says:

    I will definitely watch the debate tonight. I enjoy good entertainment.

    In this poll I said that I would vote for Trump, as he promises to nominate judges like the late Scalia and abolish ObamaCare. I am definitely rooting for him. But, since I live in a very blue state, I am tempted to write-in the American Solidarity Party’s candidates.

  12. MrTipsNZ says:

    Dr Peters: LOL. Its funny because its true!

    I can’t vote, I’m a New Zealander. But I would say this – the USA might need to get its head around the two party system. That is one reason why you’re in the predicament you are. You have other good potential candidates but they have nowhere to go and sure as eggs, neither the Dem or GOP plutocracies will change their ways.

    Most other Western democracies have a multi-party system. Its possibly time the USA as a people began to look at that?

  13. Suudy says:

    “A great deal hangs on the outcome of tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (boooooooo).”

    How does one counter the argument that the Bishops don’t support Trump, or at worst, think Hillary the lesser of the two evils. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that a woman who is so dishonest, so supportive of the murder of innocent children, and so antagonistic to the Church is somehow less dangerous and more acceptable than a blowhard with a big ego who can’t even keep a coherent position.

    There are plenty of Bishops poo-pooing Trump. But all I’ve seen is silence about Hillary. I’m not getting it.

  14. The only party that I can legitimately say I would not be ashamed to vote for is the “American Solidarity Party.”

    “Common Good. Common Ground. Common Sense,” is their slogan, and they are the party which seems to approach closest to the Catholic approach to political life.

    Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil (and in this case, I’m not convinced Trump is, in fact, a lesser evil… both mean shipwreck for the states).

  15. pannw says:

    Suudy, it’s almost enough to make one believe the story from Bella Dodd about the 1100 Marxists she helped infiltrate the seminaries with isn’t the big crazy conspiracy theory some people like to claim it is, isn’t it?

    As to the debate, I’m hoping a convenient man-made disaster/crisis doesn’t come up and cause the debate to be cancelled. Honestly, that’s the level of distrust I have for the Clinton campaign, that I would not be the least surprised if they or Soros (is that redundant?) manufactured something like that. Yeah, yeah…call me a conspiracy theorist; as a Catholic Conservative, I’m already called much worse.

  16. Joan M says:

    Why not write in Bernie Sanders name?

  17. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    You’re in Chicago, Pater? You do have dark side.

    Reporter: Mr Mayor, how many votes did Jack Kennedy get in Cook County?
    Daley: Dunno yet. Still gotta figure out how many he needs.

  18. Giuseppe says:

    I live in a decidedly blue state, so I can write in someone, since my presidential vote doesn’t matter. But casting a vote and not having it go to Donald Trump makes me happy.

  19. michael de cupertino says:

    I’m not going to watch, but I will read Matthew Walther’s recap article when he posts it. He’s Catholic, a young father, a bit traddy, and delightfully non-PC.

  20. Kathleen10 says:

    Too many votes for candidates who cannot possibly win. I guess there are those who think this means they’ve taken the high road. If enabling a rabidly pro-abort woman who is pathologically dishonest and corrupt, who will surely appoint anti-Constitutionalist justices AND fill our nation with Islamic enemy combatants is something you can live with…She has openly said people who have certain religious beliefs (the kind we may have) must be made to change their mind. Nevermore should we underestimate these Democrats when it comes to tyranny. We must take them seriously. Second Amendment rights under a Clinton presidency? They won’t exist.
    If someone votes for anyone other than Donald Trump and enables her to inflict this and more on the American people, how can that possibly be the moral high ground.

  21. Suudy says:

    Well, given I live and vote in Washington, I don’t think I’m enabling Clinton in any way. There’s no way the Pierce, Snohomish, and especially, King, county voters or precinct officers are going to let there be any other outcome for the entire state than Clinton. And I suspect people living in California, New York, and other similar states are in the same boat.

  22. MWindsor says:

    Constitution Party

  23. philosophicallyfrank says:

    I won’t be watching the debate in any form; I am already well versed in where both of them will be going. Also, listening to any Democrat and especially Hillary in this day and age is in a way like listening to the wailing of those already in hell. Having said that; listening to the “Establishment” Republicans is only slightly less horrifying.

  24. pfreddys says:

    I will not watch the debates as Trump is clearly the only choice for Catholics.

  25. Mr.Cynical says:

    I’ll be writing in the American Solidarity Party. Their Chesterton/Belloc inspired economic policy, combined with proper Catholic social teaching make them the only party I could vote for with a clear conscience.

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