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Do you have any good news to share with the readership?  Let us know.

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  1. KT127 says:

    After years of praying……I am finally expecting!!!!!!

  2. un-ionized says:

    I’ve gone a long time without any sick days. And I can often use stairs now. And I am less fearful of things like falling. And the job is going great. So now I can help take care of other people better and forget about myself.

  3. Tinidril says:

    In a couple of hours, my daughter and I will be leaving on a 10 day pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, and Paris. This is the dream of a lifetime for me, and it was a gift to us from someone very dear to me.

    I will be praying for you, Father Z, and all the readers of your blog, and please pray for us that it’s a fruitful time for us (especially for my daughter, who is not practicing the Faith currently), and that we get there and back again safely.

  4. ASPM Sem says:

    Major seminary orientation is wrapping up and classes start tomorrow!

  5. Juventutem Jersey City started up a couple weeks ago and their home parish is near my office, so I am able to sing with their choir for the occasional High Mass after work.

  6. RWG says:

    The Anglican Ordinariate parish in Toronto, St. Thomas More, moved to it’s new location on Sunday! Thanks be to God.

  7. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Yes, my sacraments course is on mondays, but intro is on thursday. a much better schedule, of course. i thought it was the other way around. whew. :)

  8. DetJohn says:

    Headed to The Ronald Regan Library to see the Vatican Exhibit.

  9. bbmoe says:

    Wonderful reunion with my family last Friday, in Escondido/Rancho Bernardo to see me graduate with my MA in Biblical Theology from John Paul the Great Catholic University. God is good!

  10. Lucy C says:

    Three weeks ago, our second oldest son got married!

  11. visigrad says:

    YES…..I posted and emailed the video linked below and have had some wonderful responses from folks who “just did not know”

  12. visigrad says:

    And of a more personal nature…my youngest son successfully defended his dissertation…On St Thomas Aquinas and Being… there is a Doctor in the house !!

  13. westham1 says:

    Brick by Brick – Young Catholic Adult ( ages 18-40) weekend at Douai Abbey in Berkshire (England) : 28st -30th Oct 2016.

    Led by Fr. Thomas Crean O.P. (author of “The Mass and the Saints,” Ignatius Press), there will be catechetical talks, Gregorian Chant Workshops, Rosaries, Extraordinary Form Masses (Sung/High), Confessions galore and Adoration!

    To book please see:-

    For more details goto:- Prices start from £12.

  14. Bthompson says:

    Today is my 2nd anniversary as a priest.

  15. Adaquano says:

    My mom is recovering from her back surgery at the end of June and my brother found a better job.

  16. Jackie L says:

    The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest will be establishing an Oratory in Detroit next month:

  17. jaykay says:

    The organist/director of our church choir has specified, in the programme for the coming year, that we’ll revive some of the Latin settings we haven’t done for … yonks. Practices start again next week, after a summer lay-off. Very much looking forward. Exultemur.

  18. jaykay says:

    Aargh… meant to say also: the Irish Dominican Province had 8 ordinations to the Priesthood recently.

  19. jservello2000 says:

    We are bringing “ChristLife” ministry series to our parish, St. Augustine Parish in Ossining, NY. I am a member of the “core team” and am very excited about getting involved in speaking and teaching about Our Lord, Jesus Christ… First and foremost, always front and center in my life always!! Praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and Forever!!!

  20. PA mom says:

    Our nearly defunct Mom & Tots group received a new member who suggested that we try a bible study during our meetings. We found Walking With Purpose, which is a bible study series specifically for women, and are starting Opening Your Heart. The bible study has 5 daily readings and questions which take about 10 minutes, one which focuses on a saint.

    From 2 regular attendees, we currently have 8 signed up, several who are not even parish members! Everyone of us is thirsty to know the Lord more deeply, and I can’t wait to see how we all grow from this.

    AND, our new, newly ordained parish priest wears the Roman style vestments… And one of those extra pieces on his arm… I am going to let him know quietly that he has my support if I can be of any help to him.

  21. Melissa Johnson says:

    My boss is making moves toward ad orientem in a archdiocese not disposed to tradition. Pray for us.

  22. Melissa Johnson says:

    I would be interested in hearing how this is implemented!!

  23. Melissa Johnson says:

    Happy anniversary, Father!!

  24. frjim4321 says:

    Ran 7 miles on Sunday afternoon and 5 miles today in the glorious sunshine. After a seven-year rehab. Tomorrow is swimming, so hope to swim a mile and then lift for an hour and that will be it for the exercise until Friday. Happy to be alive and able to do all that.

  25. DetJohn says:

    The Vatican Exhibit at the Regan Library was great. Well worth the 70 mile drive. The Library is also great.

    Happy anniversary Father.

  26. un-ionized says:

    Fr. Jim, glorious! Oh, how I miss real exercise! Almost like being an athlete type exercise! I used to bike bike bike. Wedgie, recumbent, no matter, just bike bike bike. Now I can go to bed remembering and have wonderful dreams, thank you.

  27. Nan says:

    I received good news in a comment here! Thank you ASPM Sem for discerning your Vocation at the college seminary and crossing the street to continue.

    Congratulations KT, may the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around you and your little one.

    Congratulations Father on the anniversary of your ordination. Thank you for heeding God’s call.

    In good news for the Air Force Abp Broglio got my Byzantine priest, who enters in a couple of months. Father tells me the Eparchy of Parma has a surplus of priests so there’s a replacement out there.

  28. LarryW2LJ says:

    My wife had to go to Denver, on business, for a week. She got there and back safely, thanks to the Lord.

  29. Charivari Rob says:

    The good news was in response to the bad news – the particularly tragic and unexpected death of a college friend, predeceased by his wife a couple of years ago, leaving three school-age children. The good news was a beautiful funeral Mass, the pastor (an OP) who hit the mark squarely with his homily, and a lot of people coming together to support the children (both in the moment and providing for their future).

    I’m also grateful that Hermine largely gave my friends & family in NJ & NY a pass last weekend.

  30. KateD says:

    Some of our family who were stuck in Hurricane Newton are now safely home.

    Thanks be to God!

  31. Supertradmum says:

    My second and third novels will be coming out this winter…I need more sales, so please consider all of , , right now my only source of income, and not much yet….

    The Jeweler’s Polish, a historical fiction set in Malta, came out this summer

    The Beast, the Prophets, and the Victory, a fantastical tale on the anti-Christ and the Second Coming, comes out this winter

    Anne de Migny, the real sequel to the first one, set in the late 18th, early 19 centuries in Malta, comes out this winter.

    I have two more finished, which I hope are eventually accepted, one on the last eleven Catholic bishops of England during the Protestant Revolt, and another one on the Last Stuart..pray those get accepted as well.

    Also, am working on murder mysteries. a very, very hard task….have one long one and eight short stories mostly finished but not tidied up and not all “done”….

    Prayers please, as these would be my bread and butter….

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