Your Good News

Do you have good news to share with the readership?

If your life is like mine, you need some!

Let us know.


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  1. aquinas138 says:

    My son’s surgery this past week was a success. He’s 6 months old and had a cranial vault remodeling. Scary for parents, but he’s come through very well.

    My Byzantine parish successfully exceeded its goal for contributions for an icon installation in the church. We’ll be installing a large number of icons with an emphasis on the lives of our Lord and his Mother and the holy prophets.

  2. un-ionized says:

    I am able to go up and down stairs pretty regularly, I went to Mass yesterday and the guest priest in the confessional was very good. I am beginning to heal a lot from what has happened to me in the Church and am embracing the life of the poustinia. AND my job is going great.

  3. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    Nope. Unless you count, things could be worse, which they could be. But otherwise, nope.

  4. aegsemje says:

    I have a brand new baby girl! My 10th baby (one is in heaven), 8th girl! Her name is Mary.

  5. HighMass says:

    Latin High Mass last night, we are fortunate to have one a month. After Mass one of the folks in the pew said this, “the beauty of this Mass is beyond words, the reverence and sacred are very much present”

  6. Adorista says:

    One of my sons just got his driver’s license. Another one was recognized for the speech he gave at his school on the topic of the benefits of coming from a large family. His Religion/English teacher (who is very orthodox) is getting married soon. My brother in law got a job in the New York area, which he’d been trying to do for a long time.

  7. VexillaRegis says:

    Thanks to your prayers our cat Auntie Olga has returned home!
    Young son’s trumpet lessons are going very well, despite of new teeth…
    Some good things happened regarding my work.

  8. Nan says:

    My sister has died and been buried. She was in so much pain that it’s good. Although she didn’t want a priest, because she was agitated at the man in the corner, I was allowed to sprinkle Holy water around the room and use it to trace a cross on her forehead as well as put the green scapular in her hand. I told him to leave in the name of Jesus if he was a malevolent spirit. She was no longer agitated.

  9. Jack in NH says:

    Our newly opened FSSP parish, St. Stanislaus, will be having it’s first pastor installed on Sunday.
    Please pray for Fr. Brancich as he begins his assignment here in NH.

  10. Sonshine135 says:

    My son is happier than I have ever seen him since starting Seminary. Pray that the funding will be forthcoming to expand. They are filled to the gills in their temporary location, and need several million more to build. They started with two weeks of Latin immersion and are already speaking quite a bit of Latin to each other back and forth. These are the Priests who will “Save the Liturgy and Save the World”.

  11. AVL says:

    After a miscarriage, I am pregnant again…with TWINS! Now past the risky first trimester and they are doing well. Praise be to God!

  12. I’ve been waiting so long to add to one of these posts, so that now I can do it is itself good news. That said, after more than a year at home oscillating between applications and resignation, at last I’ve been employed!

    I do note the irony of suddenly working where I didn’t actually apply, but appreciatively attribute this to companies owned and operated by a family of fellow parishioners. It is also an internship, but regardless of the future, I am certainly grateful.

    I will also point out that this is part of (what I call) my (first) attempt to become a candidate for the Priesthood: apparently it* will counter the “immaturity” which (I understand) my exercise of canon 212 (3) regarding the sacred liturgy exhibited. *Both the work and the suggested therapy which I could thereby afford

    Colbert’s line now comes to mind: “It’s that I love the thing that I wish most had not happened.” That love, I hope, despite my recent flaws, may continue to be there and grow, so people would see it was never me trying to be right all along, but me wanting them to be right.

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