The latest on the Reformation from Lutheran Satire (with some digs at us along the way)

We have to laugh at ourselves once in a while. Right?

I really enjoy these guys over at Lutheran Satire. They present a refreshing view.

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  1. polycarped says:

    Very good (until remembering the very scary reality of it all of course). The best bit is PF on the sofa at the end (post credits).

  2. Sonshine135 says:

    I agree that the last part is the funniest and scariest. I was just thinking about how tomorrow is St. Charles Borromeo’s commemoration, and I wonder what he would think of today’s Papacy. I often wonder if Luther regretted what he started at the end of his life.

    In any case, I love Lutheran satire.

  3. Toan says:

    “We’ll call you cannibals, and then get mad you won’t commune us.”


  4. Absit invidia says:

    Puts the 16th century fragmentation of Christianity into perspective. Also puts the 2016 fragmentation of Christianity into perspective.

  5. anilwang says:

    The sad part of Pope Francis is that he’s made it very difficult to evangelize people like those on Lutheran Satire who would be an excellent catch.

    OTOH, if the successor to Pope Francis is able to quickly clean up the mess left by this Pope and restore the Church to tradition (which is certainly possible because IMO most bishops have been made hungry for clarity, certainty, and strength against the hostile culture), we may yet be able draw them in.

  6. Dr. Edward Peters says:


  7. Ave Crux says:

    Sorry, I’m crying too much to appreciate (black) humor that just proves how desperate our situation is.

    May God intervene soon and may He forgive us for the mess we have made of things, for the treachery that cost Him so much during His Passion and Death, and which has plunged souls into moral and spiritual confusion.

  8. iamlucky13 says:

    “Ecclesiastical Brexit” Ha!

  9. Deo Credo says:

    Hmm I sort of feel bad for Luther. Oh well, at least we finally got a clear explanation of Pope Francis’ beliefs. No footnotes or wink wink nudges.

  10. Filipino Catholic says:

    Meanwhile the Eastern Orthodox seem to be very much discreetly ignored at best and lumped with us “papists” at worst. I wonder which breach will be repaired first, the Great Schism or the Shattered Apostasy.

  11. TC says:

    I love Lutheran Satire, I hope Pastor Feine swims the Tiber and soon.

  12. HealingRose says:

    I always look forward to Lutheran Satire. Ever since that St. Patrick video, my 11yr old daughter and I mimic the twins’ cheeky humor and accent while calling everyone Patrick. It drives my son nuts. I can’t wait to show my kids this one, it is a great opening for a little history lesson mixed with a bit of catechesis.

  13. Ben Kenobi says:


    I reflect on my fortune to have been catechized under John Paul II, and then later under Benedict. Had I tarried would I be in or out? All the more reason not to tarry and get in the boat. :)

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