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World Series Game 7 – GO TO CONFESSION!

The Cleveland Indians have not won the World Series since 1948…. 68 years. The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908…. 108 years. 108: The number of stitches in a baseball. Coincidence? Ominous portent, if there ever was one. … Read More

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Anthony Esolen under attack by his school, Domincan-run Providence College

I often direct you to the writings of Anthony Esolen, who contributes frequently to the increasingly-valuable Crisis.  Esolen is a prof at Domincan-run Providence College. I saw this at Touchstone, where Esolen is an editor. If you have benefitted from the writings … Read More

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All Souls Day and you readers, living and dead

It is All Souls.  We pray in special way for the dead today and during this octave, and indeed during this month. Do you know of any of the regular readers or commentators of this blog who have passed away? Let’s … Read More

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POLL: For All Souls Day Mass 2016 what color vestments did you see?

Even though today is not a Holy Day of Obligation (as yesterday was in most places… and if you didn’t go to Mass…), many of you have gone to Mass or will go later. In the Usus Antiquior, the Traditional … Read More

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A Blessed who saw angels, Martin Luther, and YOU!

I had an email from a Portuguese blogger, with the interesting site, Senza Pagare.  He has a post about 50 of Luther’s ideas which are against the Catholic Faith. Also, recently in Rome, he told me about a vision of a … Read More

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Did you vote early? Have you changed your mind?

Did you vote early? Have you changed your mind? There are states where you can change your early vote! MI, PA, WI, NY, CT, MS As for me, I shall vote on Election Day. Moreover, I would vote for the … Read More