OLDIE: Fanon Alert! Benedict XVI and Christmas Mass

From 24 December 2012, of happy memory….

His Holiness has his fanon again for the First Mass of Christmas. Nice to see. More on the fanon, hated by liberals and the ungodly, HERE.




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  1. JARay says:

    God Bless Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

  2. Frank H says:

    A pope who looked, thought, taught and acted like a pope. May God grant him more years of health and happiness.

  3. un-ionized says:

    Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone?

  4. discipulus says:

    Almost hurts to look at, after all that we have had to endure lately.

  5. Orlando says:

    Pope Benedict XVI our Savior is not done with you yet, your greatest years are yet to come . Thank you for being the “rock” during this time of confusion.

  6. Andreas says:

    Many thanks for these wonderful photos, Father Z.! Pope Benedikt was and remains a much beloved Holy Father of great intellect, compassion and wisdom. He wrote and spoke from his thoughts and heart with direct unambiguous clarity and erudition. We are blessed indeed to have him amongst us.

  7. pelerin says:

    Vestments really are so important. I fail to understand those who decry elaborate Mass vestments. After all are they not worn for the glory of God? St Jean-Marie Vianney understood this…

    At midnight Mass our young Parish Priest wore the most magnificent gold vestments I have ever seen. A few hours earlier I had watched part of the papal mass on the internet and was saddened by Pope Francis’ plain vestments. What does this tell any non-Catholic viewers?

  8. un-ionized says:

    pelerin, I think the focus on plainness has to do with the spirit of Puritanism that has infected the Church through too close contact with the non-liturgical Protestant sects, which are the ones with the biggest numbers now. I have heard Catholics decry beautifully made cathedrals, saying it was unjust for the Church to take money from working people for this, not understanding that it wasn’t extorted and is a reflection of having one’s treasure in the right place. But this is lost on them, they think as the atheists do for the most part.

  9. Fiat Domine says:

    In case you read these comments dear Papa Benedict – we miss you terribly and thank you for all that you secured for us in the Tradition of Holy Church. We hope you are well and joyful in Christ Jesus, even in your sufferings. Pray for us Papa, and for Holy Church during this time of the Passion of The Mystical Body of Christ.
    I tried to send you snail mail; i got a response from someone else that said you get too much mail to read or respond to them all. I doubt they gave it to you to read, so i hope that you read our comments on the web so that you know how much we love and miss you dear Papa. Merry Christmas dear soul – we love these pictures of you Praying Christmas Mass in the correct and Holy, Sacred and Reverent way – the way of all the Saints and Fathers. With a tear and pang of heart, i say God Love you Papa.

    Mary was condemned when she used the expensive oil on Jesus’ feet, but Jesus vindicated her.
    Judas complained about loss of money for the poor, instead of wasting it on God Incarnate!
    Those who keep Holy expensive Adornments from Christ and the Churches that house Him in The Tabernacles, and from those who are in Persona Christi, entertain the spirit of Judas.

  10. HighMass says:

    I guess it more than HURTS, as the LOVE we have for HIM is hard to put into words. He will always be my POPE…what has happened to him is very sad, I know he was tired,one must think those wolves got to him….

    Pope Benedict Boun Natale

  11. OldLady says:

    There was a time I thought that opulence was over the top in the Church. Then I reread God’s instructions to the Jews for building the Ark and the light bulb went on, finally. Understanding the symbolism is important. Thank you for explaining.

  12. KateD says:

    God bless Pope Benedict XVI

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