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Registered or not, will you in your charity please take a moment look at the requests and to pray for the people about whom you read?

Continued from THESE.

I get many requests by email asking for prayers. Many requests are heart-achingly grave and urgent.

As long as my blog reaches so many readers in so many places, let’s give each other a hand. We should support each other in works of mercy.

If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below.

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I still have a pressing personal petition.  Two, in fact.

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  1. jst5000 says:

    Please pray for my health and that of my family. My wife and I have been blessed with our first child who is due in the springtime. I have a genetic condition which results in chronic pain and I have grave concerns about being physically capable of raising children. Please pray that my child does not inherit my condition and that we be given the graces and health necessary to raise and educate our child properly.

  2. un-ionized says:

    Please pray for my health, painwise and I am not recovering as well as I had hoped from the emotional effects of losing all my so-called friends at my former parish who used to help me with things. But I think that people who practice shunning on the basis of rumors may not be very good anyway.

    jst5000, I will pray for the gift of endurance for you. Sometimes with chronic pain we take things not one day at a time but a minute at a time.

  3. mysticalrose says:

    Please pray for the successful surgery and health of John Vennari.

  4. John Grammaticus says:

    possible job interview coming up….. i badly need this job as my current position ends at the end of December

  5. Nan says:

    Please pray for the successful surgery Dec 1 of a seminarian who owns a biretta.

  6. VexillaRegis says:

    Would you please pray for A, a little boy, who recently had surgery for a brain tumor and for Mrs K, who isn’t doing well after a stroke.
    The situation in my parish seems to be worsening. The pastor’s temper is very volatile and scary. We need prayers.
    I have two other personal and pressing petitions. Please pray for me!

    I will pray for all of you on here :-).

  7. GypsyMom says:

    Please pray that my husband gets a job. Other than a temporary, low-paying job this summer, he has been unemployed for 21 months. He is a very successful business executive, but is continually turned away by HR personnel or hiring managers. They claim he is over-qualified or that he didn’t hold past positions long enough because he advanced too quickly. I have taken on three jobs, while my husband has worked stocking shelves, where he injured his back. We are due to speak with a public assistance case worker this coming week, something anathema to us both, but we are still raising children. He has two pending opportunities next week–please pray that God will allow one of them to work out.
    Praying for all here requesting prayers.

  8. Ivan says:

    Please pray for a young Catholic family with three very young children. Especially for a husband who is very shaken in his faith and he threatens with a divorce.
    May God bless you all and all yours.

  9. un-ionized says:

    Gypsymom, I have been where you are with my folks when my 50+ year old father was forced to change careers after being at the VP level. It is indeed darkest before the dawn but be assured the dawn is coming.

  10. Please pray for my sister in law, Virginia, who will be traveling to Africa on a yearly two week mission trip with her Church on December 26th.

    Praying for all requests here.

  11. MrsMacD says:

    For Mr J who died last Saturday and for his family.
    For our Pope, bishops and priests
    For my sickly parents.
    For my sister who has 9 children under age 9 and needs gallbladder surgury but her first consultation is a month away.
    For the MB family.
    For TM, who has left the Faith.
    For MP who just had surgery for kidney stones and has three small children at home, for her husband who has a heart condition.
    For GA, who loves Mary but won’t take that last step into Holy Mother Church.
    For JB at seminary, for his family, especially his mother, who suffer a lot without his help.
    For MH to love the TLM.

  12. Mike says:

    For a friend of a young friend of mine, who had a bad RCIA-ending experience with an incompetent campus ministry some time ago, that his fortitude may be bolstered and his entry into the Church hastened by our local sound Dominicans.
    For my brother, that he may return to the Faith after 50 years away, and that his family come with him.
    For the continuation of health in body and soul of Msgr. Arthur Bastress of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, who just turned 90.

  13. kelleyb says:

    Please pray for my son-in-law’s mom who is in hospital very ill. She has pancreatic cancer. She and her family are in great need of prayer.
    I will pray for all the intentions listed here, as well as those held close in the hearts. God bless.

  14. pac76 says:

    I ask for prayers for my dad who has a chronic health condition and for good health for me as well. I had a pretty alarming thing happen physically to me last Friday and see a specialist Dec. 9. I’ve had a lot of unexplained symptoms for quite some time now and hope to be cured. I also pray that my sister and brother in law are open to life. Finally, I pray for my students, some of whom are in very difficult situations.

  15. wanda says:

    Please pray for a little 1 year old boy, Caden. He was recently hospitalized with fever, etc. Meningitis has been ruled out and he has recently turned a corner and is improving. However he is on dialysis as his kidneys have not been functioning properly. Please pray that his kidneys will be healed. Thank you and I will remember all here in my prayers.

  16. aviva meriam says:

    Please pray for us….. my husband and I are both searching for work. In my case I am trying to restart my career after an 8 year hiatus.

  17. KateD says:

    We prayed. Thank you for all of your past prayers for us!

  18. Elizium23 says:

    Please pray for unity in the Church, and even more so for my own peace of mind and trust in the Lord. I am absolutely panicked about the events of the last month, which are merely the events of the last 50 years accelerating to a fever pitch. Something big is going to happen soon, and I doubt whether many rank-and-file Catholics are prepared.

    So please pray that I can so peace rather than discord and trust rather than panic. My interactions with other Catholics have become strained as I resist making disparaging comments about members of the hierarchy or the overall state we are in.

  19. NancyP says:

    Please pray for L., who is in a pediatric burn unit after suffering severe burns in an accident yesterday, and for his medical team.

    Please pray for my mother, who carries the cross of dementia, and for my wonderful father, brother and sister-in-law, who care for her daily.

    Please pray for my daughter, who is heading into a very stressful week that culminates in an important competition, and for her success in that competition if that success is God’s will for her.

    Please pray that if God is closing an employment door for me, as seems likely right now, that He will grant me the time and vision I will need to glimpse the window He opens.

    Thank you, everyone, and know that I am praying for you.

  20. Nan says:

    Prayers for all.

    @Elizium23, Adoration may help you find peace and trust.

  21. Charles E Flynn says:

    From the book review A Remarkable book from and for Eucharistic Adoration, by Peter Kwasniewski:

    Imagine a combination of St. Gertrude the Great, St. Therese of Lisieux, and Bd. Columba Marmion. Imagine a book that was born in the silence of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, in the luminous shadow of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Imagine a book that draws one ever more deeply into the glorious mysteries of this greatest of all miracles — the Most Holy Eucharist, Bread of Angels, food of wayfarers, sweet incense of oblation, price of the world’s redemption.

  22. majuscule says:

    I am reading the book that is reviewed at the link above. I’m not meaning to hijack this topic, but the book will indeed be a great resource while one is at adoration praying for the intentions mentioned here.

    It’s aimed more toward priests but as a lay person who is praying for priests I find it…I can’t describe the feeling I get from it!

    I first ran across excerpts from it on the Vultus Christi blog. When I saw that the book was now in print I ordered three copies, one to keep and two to give away.

    It seems to me that reading it would give great consolation to priests. As I said, as a lay person I am finding much in it for myself.

    It’s at Amazon. Use Fr. Z’s link.

    [Well said.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  23. KAS says:

    My prayers for each of your concerns.

    We too have financial problems. My husband needs work, even better for his company to get the money for the research so that he goes back into that. I need an income from my creativity, or else for a teaching position open up in my field! Keeping bills paid is going to get (even more than right now) awfully difficult if work doesn’t turn up.

    For the lawyer who keeps saying he will send the paperwork but who has not done it in spite of letters and phone calls over most of this year by my lawyer– pray he sends it next week because it is needed NOW. I will be calling AGAIN on Monday, my lawyer is saying no more and mocking me via email (yeah MY lawyer) and says I should file a complaint against the other lawyer but he won’t help me with it. Ask St. Matthew to pray about it as in his time the Tax Collector was a loathed as the Lawyer is today– for similar reasons I suspect!

    For my family, that those listening to persons who hate God, hate the Church, and loathe anyone who is Faithful, will stop listening to lies, and to recognize propaganda when it is presented to them. One person in particular is causing me grief in my family relationships. May this person repent of their apostasy and slanders, and return to the Church.

  24. Charles E Flynn says:


    Thank you for the link to the excerpt at the Vultus Christi blog.

    I bought two copies of the hardcover edition on Amazon using Father Z’s link, [Good job!]
    and was pleasantly surprised to see that the book is part of the Kindle Matchbook program, which allows purchase of the Kindle edition for $2.99.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  25. Mariana2 says:

    Praying for all the above intentions, and, later, for those below.

    I will be ordering In Sinu Jesu later, through Father Zeds’s blog, naturellement. The excerpts on Vultus Christi have, through the years, been a great consolation.

    Vexilla Regis, I’m so sorry for your parish! We here at St. B. and Blessed H. are so much better off!

    Of your charity, please pray for my brother, in hospital for operations to his legs, but because of his dementia, confused and afraid.

    And for my mother, that she will leave him in peace and cease and desist from trying to dominate him, as she has done through the years.

    Also, any advice on if one can send a minister (my brother i a nominal Lutheran) to a person with dementia, to talk about God to them? Will it do any good? (I’d really like to send a priest, even if my mother will explode!)

  26. MouseTemplar says:

    For some kind of resolution to our financial situation, in absolutely any form God is pleased to send it. We’re out of jobs, out of money, both of us approaching 60 with a 10 yr old to raise.

    I cannot pray for long anymore, it sends me into a true anxiety attack.

  27. VexillaRegis says:

    Thank you dear Mariana, for your thoughtfulness towards me! Regarding your brother with dementia, it might be a good idea to bring a Lutheran minister with you to him and sing old hymns that your brother sang when he was a child, (if your family went to church regularily, of course). I’ve witnessed how people who hadn’t spoken a word for months started singing beloved hymns and songs from memory when I played and sang with them. Just an idea.

    I often think of your son, hoping mother Mary takes care of him:-).

    Your fellow Scandinavian friend VR.

  28. Supertradmum says:

    I have been blessed with stable housing for several months, but this may end very soon. Please pray for that need. Pray for me and for all who face homelessness, or less than healthy housing.

  29. I received this in my email:

    My dad, F…, has been a faithful reader of your blog and I was always able to find him checking your posts daily.
    Unfortunately, He passed away suddenly on Monday evening, leaving behind my mother, and his six children, ages 17-7. I am his oldest, M…, and I’d just like to ask you to keep his soul in your prayer intentions, as well as our family. We’d really appreciate it so much.

  30. Dad of Six says:

    Please remember two brothers of mine…P is 56 and has been diagnosed with ALS, J is 47 and has mental health issues and been arrested.

    Both left the Church in their twenties. Pray for their health and return to the Church.

  31. Dad of Six says:

    Prayers said for all here.

  32. VexillaRegis says:

    Please pray for a good outcome of a meeting in a couple of hours – church related. Thanks.

  33. iPadre says:

    I’m in the 3rd day of leading a parish mission on ad orientem. Monday was “What is the Liturgy?,” Tuesday, “Active Participation,” today, “Ad Orientem,” and tomorrow, “Our Lady, Model of Turning Toward the Lord.” Please pray for the parish, and their great pastor, he hears confessions almost daily, and they have perpetual Adoration.

  34. aliceinstpaul says:

    Our kids’ school is imploding. We don’t see a way forward that is just for all of them, and barely see a way forward at all.

    Prayers for discernment, and that husband and wife both hear the Lord’s will and can follow it hand in hand.

  35. FloridaJoan says:

    I will offer my rosary for each and every prayer request here. May God bless us all

    pax et bonum

  36. acardnal says:

    Let’s remember prayerfully those who served and died at Pearl Harbor, HI on December 7, 1941, seventy-five years ago. My late father and his brother were both there on that terrible day as sailors on the USS San Francisco.

  37. ReginaO says:

    Please pray for my youngest sister who is struggling with depression. She has been since her youth and without the help of her Faith so pray for her conversion, please, too. She is suffering very much and I’m afraid she is beginning to become desperate. Thank you.

  38. John Grammaticus says:

    First Thanksgiving, I passed my exam with a score of 85% (pass mark 70%), one of the highest scores our Regional competence partner had ever seen.

    Secondly I have an interview on the 15th, this job would allow me to stay with the company and allow me to start planning for a family of my own.

  39. NancyP says:

    Thank you for praying for L. His burns are not as severe as originally thought and he is healing quickly. I am confident that your prayers for him are being heard.

    Please pray for my friend, who collapsed on Saturday and has had the first of two surgeries to remove an enormous kidney stone. Her kidney is infected. She is in her 80s.

    My son has decided to look for a new job. Please pray that God directs him to a position that will allow him to earn a reasonable living.

    Thank you again for all of your prayers!

  40. NancyP says:

    I forgot my most important new intention. A young, dynamic, faith-filled priest is being railroaded out of his parish for preaching the teachings of our beloved Church. (And, no, it is not the same priest I asked you to pray for a year ago. Sadly, he has been removed from parish ministry.) Please pray for both of these holy priests.

    This will be the fourth time in the last 10 years that I have seen a priest who dares to challenge people to authentically live their faith get transferred away from us.

  41. jameeka says:

    I would like to ask your prayers for a particular family member suffering from a bad illness in the past year, that he recovers soon. Thank you very much, and I continue to pray for all your intentions.

  42. Ellen says:

    So many needs and intentions! I will pray for all of you. I ask prayers that my children will come back to the church and that my sisters will quit shunning me. I had a breakdown after caring for our father who had dementia and they blame me after his death. I am so tired of being the scapegoat.

  43. Worm-120 says:

    For dp who is struggling whith alcaholism and jp who doesn’t practice the faith and is going through a marriage breakdown, he struggles with alcaholism and drugs. For sp who is involved in the occult, for mp who is suffering medical problems and will never be able to return to nursing because of it, and for ap and jap who struggle with infertility and multiple misscariages. Prayers

  44. JabbaPapa says:

    Please pray to St Michael Archangel, to Saint Mary the Holy Mother of God, to Saint James Major Apostle, and mostly to God in His Trinity, Father, Christ, and Spirit, for Supernatural Guidance to us all out of Confusion and towards the Clarity of Catholic Faith, Hope, Charity and Salvation and to Clarity and to the Fullness of Love.

  45. JabbaPapa says:

    Pray for thanksgiving for Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Michael Archangel May God Bless him with Graces, pray for help for our Guardian Angels and for Graces for their Souls, that they may help us and we help them, Pray for help from Our Lady Cloaked in the Sun, pray for Jacinta, Francisco, Lúcia, pray for our Holy Father the Roman Pontiff, Saint Martin, for Erasmus of Rotterdam and l’Abbé des Lérins François Rabelais, Saint Thomas More, Father Copernicus, Father Vivaldi, Father Lemaître, Saint Augustine, Pope Saint Gelasius I, Pope Martin V, Saint Paul Apostle, Pope Saint Peter Apostle, Saint Joseph, Saint Patriarch Moses, Saint Patriarch Abraham, Saints Ancestors Solomon, Samson, Prophets and Kings, pray to all the Saints and especially the Angels to petition Almighty God to protect us and awaken us against the horrendous lies of Satan.

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