BOOKS Recently Received: Beautiful manuals for devotions

I have recently received some books from TAN.

First, let me mention a couple of “manuals”.

There is the Manual for Marian Devotion (US HERE – UK HERE) and the Manual for Eucharistic Devotion.  (US HERE – UK HERE)

They are available on Kindle and bound in leather.    They are similarly bound.  They are a the size of a small paperback, flexible.  They can easily fit in a purse or coat pocket.  The binding feels strong and tight.

There is a single ribbon in each one.  The Marian volume is dark blue with silver edged pages and the Eucharistic volume is dark red with gold.  They are comfortable to the hand.

They each have an imprimatur.  There is a dedication page, which means that it would make a splendid and lasting gift.

The volumes were prepared by different religious families.

Each has an introductory section.

When you get these books, I hope you will use this part often.

These are lovely little books which would make great gifts.

Those of you who are now engaged in Eucharistic adoration, or who would like to begin a pious daily devotion – and we really need more people doing that – will find these useful starting points for prayer warfare and petition.

I could envisage a group forming at a parish, all having these manuals, and then praying before or after Masses or at other times of the day.  Coordinated prayer and maybe even discussion of the many quotes from the writings of saints, prayers and documents within over coffee somewhere afterwards.   We need to form these small devout “base communities” to sustain especially the clergy who will strive to be faithful in the coming storm.


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  1. Tamara T. says:

    I recently bought the manual for Eucharistic Adoration after reading about it here.

    Just yesterday I was on the section you point out and found a prayer for priests that I hope to memorize and use daily. It’s a great little book!


  2. iamlucky13 says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve put these in my list, but haven’t bought either yet. I have really serious difficulty concentrating on the rosary or quiet meditation in adoration, so I should probably give something different a try.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    There is another new book about Eucharistic adoration:
    In Sinu Iesu, by an anonymous contemporary Benedictine monk. The book has an imprimatur and a nihil obstat (Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D.).

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  5. un-ionized says:

    Groeschel’s In the Presence of Our Lord is good too. Not a devotional though.

  6. un-ionized says:

    iamlucky13, Yes, I am wired so as to be prone to distraction. I love the rosary but it’s a trial. I also tend to fall asleep praying the rosary, embarrassing, somebody said Therese of Lisieux used to do the same but I am not she, I am just me, failing. I love Adoration but also find distractions there a problem along with the infamous Knee Problem. I figure God knows about this and sees I am doing the best I can.

  7. pray4truth says:

    hmmmm … according to the one review on Manual for Marian Devotion, “I have one major objection: why did the good sisters use updated translations of the traditional Marian prayers? Even the familiar “Hail Mary” now contains “you” instead of “thee”, “are” instead of “art”, “you” instead of “thou”, “your” instead of “thy”. Makes me NOT want to buy it :-\


  8. Mike says:

    Would love to see a similarly bound version of Dom Lorenzo Scupoli’s Spiritual Combat, a devotional book that I find it beneficial to use during Mass and Adoration.

  9. majuscule says:

    Charles E Flynn mentioned In Sinu Jesu

    This book changed the way I look at adoration. It’s a call for priestly adorers but it certainly affected this layperson!

    Read it yourself, but give copies to your priests. Please.

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