St Paul – Argument Of The Month – Live Stream

I am at St Augustine’s in St Paul where my old friend Fr Echert reigns.  Years ago they started something called the Argument Of The Month – a moderate fight in front of a few hundred men in current topics.

It is being LIVE STREAMED to men’s groups in several cities.

Here are a few photos.

Here is Fr Echert – the Megyn Kelly of tonight’s debate.

This is a great model.  Christ. Meat. Beer. Lots of the guys bring their sons.

With one of the panelists, Michael Matt.

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  1. stuartal79 says:

    I’ve heard about this group a couple of times over the past year. It sounds really cool. They always seem to get renowned and exceedingly qualified speakers to participate.

  2. Norah says:

    This sounds wonderful; just the thing to encourage men to participate in the Church. I wish there was a priest in Australia interested enough in the Faith to set up a similar group.

  3. pannw says:

    Meat and potatoes… yep, looks like guy’s night out! And is Fr. Echert wearing a sweater with Donald Trump in a Santa Hat giving a thumbs up on it?

  4. ASPM Sem says:

    Darn it, the one night I’m not able to go…

  5. AvantiBev says:

    Are the women in another room having the Cat Fight of the Century? Not against men having mens’ only events. Great. But in an age where I argue with so many women who FEEL over THINK their opinions, such a forum is badly needed.

  6. RichR says:

    I am glad that Michael Matt is involved with this group. While I don’t always agree with his points of view, he is one of the more thought-provoking and charitable Traditionalists in print and on the net. His contributions to the AOTM are helpful to bringing conservatives and traditionalists together. I hope this program continues.

  7. NomenDeiAdmirabileEst says:

    I spent much of the evening looking at Fr. Z thinking “who is that priest? I swear I’ve seen him somewhere before.” How funny. I’m proud to be in one of those pictures!

  8. James in Perth says:

    You leave out the most important details:

    1) What was the argument about?
    2) Who won?

    We insist on the blow-by-blow details.

  9. paladin says:

    James in Perth:

    :) You forgot that they’re obeying rule #1: “Don’t talk about argument club.”

  10. mh12 says:

    I like it! Any idea where we can tune in to the live stream or is it a secret?

  11. James in Perth says:

    Thanks paladin for the reminder. I will have to let them do their own talking!

  12. Fiat Domine says:

    One time someone posted a youtube video with MV and JA in discussion at AOTM – it was great. Will they be posting a YouTube video for this last AOTM? I would love to hear Father Michael Rodriquez again.

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