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While I mourn the resignation of Pope Benedict I also mourn the fact that there is no particular Mass text with which I can pray for his health. If there were to be a Mass for a retired pope, what might that look like?

Good question.

I’ll confine myself to the older, traditional Roman Rite.

I think you could during a Votive Mass simply add the orations Pro Papa.  I say this because they are virtually identical with the prayers Pro Episcopo, with the exception that in the latter you also name the bishop’s church.  Benedict remains a bishop, after all, and his church was The Church.  Also, were you to say Mass for him on the anniversary of his episcopal consecration (28 May), you could use – mutatis mutandis – the Mass In anniversario Episcopi.

Perhaps others have solutions.

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  1. Steve L. says:

    “mutatis mutandis” … how does this square with “say the black, do the red?”

  2. Adaquano says:

    I heard a priest during the Eucharistic Prayer say for Francis our Pope, Benedict our Pope Emeritus

  3. Giuseppe says:

    He’s the Bishop Emeritus of Rome.
    That should count!

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