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Rome – Day 6: Guts and Glory!

Wow, what a couple days. Today we went to the amazing, and super amazing Pizzarium, which has the most amazingest of all amazing pizza. Wow. This one has tripe. What’s wrong with this picture in S. Maria della Vittoria? There’s … Read More

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“If modern feminists truly knew the fundamental values Catholic priests are called to embrace…”

The other day I read about another dreadfully misguided and spiritually dangerous fraud perpetrated in North Carolina, another fake “ordination” of a woman.   Women, of course, cannot every be ordained to any of the Holy Orders (that includes diaconate). … Read More

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ASK FATHER: It’s hard to be a part of a bitter community.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: My friend and I have been attending Mass in the EF for several years. We are the pioneer “young ” adults in our Latin Mass community. We were discussing the other day how both of us … Read More

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