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Rome – Day 5: Food and Fabric

I really enjoy the simple meals that I assemble from walking through the markets and by the shops. Pizza bianca, tuna, tomato, lettuce.  It is hard to find better. I’ve been going to the same green vendor in the Campo … Read More

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Wherein a Cardinal waits on tables

One of the most moving, and instructive, experiences of my life occurred one summer when I visited my boss. One summer I took some friends with me to the Benedictine monastery of Metten, where my boss in the curia, and … Read More

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I just don’t get the whoopdeedoo about Luther this year in the Catholic Church.

I received a note from priest friend.  He included a PDF of an article to be published.  Here is the synopsis: Synopsis: A close analysis of Kasper’s book on Mercy reveals a powerful embrace of Luther’s theology of grace and … Read More

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CATASTROPHIC: Pray for vocations to the priesthood

I’ve been writing with friends about vocation numbers. From one of my interlocutors today: Catastrophic (HERE): “The past few weeks have again seen a number of ordinations of new deacons and priests in the dioceses of northwestern Europe. 24 of … Read More

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Ladrillo por ladrillo: Roman Breviary in Latin and SPANISH

For your Brick by Brick File. There is now available an edition of the older, traditional Breviarium Romanum in Latin and SPANISH. So far it looks like VOLUME I. HERE

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