Rome – Day 4: Caprese, Carbonara and Consecration

It has been a quiet Sunday in the Eternal City, with perfect weather. This is exactly what you expect of Rome right now.

ikeunchtime… which glass is mine?

This entire Caprese is mine.

Each strand of this is mine, also.

The motto is on the bottle (I helped to keep it there… long story).

If the stuff before was all mine, this is for everyone.


As a matter of fact, I will celebrate Holy Mass for my benefactors on Tuesday in the afternoon at Ss. Trinità.


Mass offered, errands accomplished and meetings prepared and held, now it’s time to meet friends, including The Great Roman™ and his wife, for supper.

On the way, a stop at Chiesa Nuova to visit Pippo Bono.

At the restaurant.

Vignarola.  Yumm.

Artichokes, a material proof that God loves us.

The flat thing is like a croquette made from broad beans, or fave, with pecorino and fried. This is a variation on what we had the other day.  And that’s a zucchini flower stuffed with cheese and acciughe off the grill.

Spaghetti with beloved telline!  I have a story about telline going back to when I blessed a fresh fish shop.  But I digress.


On the way home, the alarmingly graceful facade of the once Oratory.

A good Sunday in Rome, with perfect days with great friends.   It doesn’t get better than that.

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Lovely photos! I feel like I’m there but I can’t taste the food.

  2. benedetta says:

    That Oratory facade sure must be alarming, to some…but yes, let’s pray for Pippo Bono’s intercession. For joyless hearts and even some conducting business under chuchy guises.

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