A timely review, including the ULTIMATE priest gift.


From a priest, just now:

Just a note to let you know that I bought a portable altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice a few months back. I couldn’t be happier with it — it is absolutely beautiful! And Rick was a pleasure to work with — a personified blessing!

Thanks for mentioning his work and business from time to time.

And congratulations on your 25th! As I will likely not make a 50th (ordained at 38), I am taking a cue from you and will design a challenge coin for 2021, when I will be ordained 25 years. I already have a crest, so it shouldn’t be too hard, but I wouldn’t have thought of it were it not for you.

If priests out there have their own challenge coins, I’d be open to an exchange… same for military and LEOs.

If you need help with a coat of arms, you might consider the fellow who did mine… on the side bar.


One year ago, I posted three posts, each one has some review value.

First, this gets my special attention.  I have been readying for a trip for which I will bring the portable altar “St Joseph’s Apprentice” made for my 25th (… which reminds me that I have I to send him a challenge coin).  I need a Pelican case for it (… I really want him to build an altar directly into the case itself).   A couple days ago I got an email from a chaplain who going to Afghanistan.  He ordered one of these portable altars before he is to be deployed.

The ULTIMATE GIFT for a priest revisited: Portable altar from St. Joseph’s Apprentice

In the wake of the martyrdom of the French priest Fr. Hamel…

“Sandwiched between two forms of dhimmitude: Koran or Agenda-driven”

And we can always derive some inspiration from Card. Burke!

Card. Burke’s new book: Hope for the World – To Unite All Things in Christ

And, even though it is not Lent, you might choose to say the Stations of the Cross, or listen to them, as a good Friday devotion.  HERE

Pray today.

Examine your consciences.  Tomorrow is Saturday.  You might…


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