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The young want the patrimony of which they have been defrauded!

One of my perennial tropes is that generations of Catholics have been robbed.  They have been cheated out of their patrimony.  They have been defrauded of their inheritance.   When the libs “reformed” the Church’s liturgical worship with little regard for … Read More

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Giant space rock hurtling towards your planet! Fr. Z opines and advises.

Some of my friends in our SMS exchanges will at times long for the big meteor to put us out of our misery. Today I read at that there is a big asteroid – hopefully not meteor – coming. A … Read More

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The crisis of priestly vocations: good advice from a smart priest

More on the issue of vocations to the priesthood.  Allow me, first, to say that the “crisis” of vocations was created and it’s perpetuation is also not only tolerated but, in some places, fostered.  That said, it is probable that in most … Read More

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18-22 Sept 2017: Conference on liturgical formation!

There is to be an interesting liturgical conference in W. Peabody, Mass, in September.  Priests and seminarians should pay particular attention. Culmen Et Fons 2017: On Liturgical Formation “Fons et culmen” concerns the famous phrase about the Eucharist being the “source and … Read More

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29 August 1997 – Happy Birthday SKYNET!

I hope you realize that this is a subtle message never to attempt to delete my blog from your daily reading list.  

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Omnium Gatherum – Of deaconettes, shoes and consecrations

UPDATE: I just saw reports that the lib Left had a meltdown over 1st Lady Melania Trump’s shoes when she was on her way to Houston.  I can’t help but wonder about a connection between the Left’s obsessions and their … Read More

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Speaking Truth To Power

We celebrate liturgically the births of Our Lord (25 December), His Blessed Mother (8 September) and the prophet who was more than a prophet, the greatest man ever born of a woman (Matthew 11:9-11; Luke 7:28), St John the Baptist … Read More

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Eyewitness account of struggle over post-Conciliar liturgical reform, which “reversed” centuries

I think that some day many more people will know about the life and work of the late French Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre.  He, a Holy Ghost Father, was a great missionary in Africa whose influence is still strongly felt there. … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Civil divorce but stay together as married couple?

From a reader: I (think) I have a tough question (“hagan lío”?): Can a man and a woman, who validly embraced the Sacrament of Marriage 10 years ago and who STILL WANT to carry on living as husband and wife … Read More

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Help @TeamRubicon help in Hurricane Harvey

In the past I have posted about an organization called TEAM RUBICON. Team Rubicon is made up of present and former first responders, former military, doctors, experts in many fields as a fast response team which swoops in as fast as … Read More

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“Dunkirk on the Bayou” – Houston parish flooded – VIDEO

A priest friend of mine in Houston sent the following about his parish: Dry so far. A nearby creek is close to overflowing, so that could be trouble. About 800 made it to Mass over the weekend, 10% of our … Read More

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Watching Texas, etc. Dear readers… plan for disasters.

I have just tuned in for the first time in several days with any real attention to the news. I see that about an hour and a half ago as I write, N. Korea launched a missile over Japan. My … Read More

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What is the best translation of St. Augustine’s “Confessions”?

On this glorious feast of St. Augustine, allow me to repost an answer to a question I get fairly often and answer off the blog: QUAERITUR: What is the best translation of St. Augustine’s Confessions? It depends a little on who … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Recitation of Office completely silently? Prepare, Fathers, to wince!

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I have seen a tendency for people who have a duty to say the Office attempt to satisfy their obligation without mouthing the words with air passing through the lips. Has the liturgical law changed? I’m … Read More

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ASK FATHER: 1965 Missal at Fontgombault

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I read this over at Tradinews [in French… my trans]: When the Abbey of Fontgombault and the communities that were founded from it took up again the celebration of the traditional liturgy, they obtained permission from the … Read More

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Reader Feedback and a Lesson about Rash Judgment

I appreciate the feedback I get from readers through my CONTACT form (always on the top menu).  It makes my day and keeps me motivated. I was just a teenager when I started reading your words of wisdom on the … Read More

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NYC Day 3-4: Noodle Bliss, Trim & My View For Awhile

The all too brief Gotham jaunt continued. After my breakfast of champions I made another foray to the Met. I’ve seen most of the older European collection so often that many of the paintings now greet me by name.  Hence, … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

It’s the 12th Sunday after Pentecost or else the 21st Ordinary Sunday. Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during the Holy Mass in fulfillment your of Sunday Obligation? Let us know.


ASK FATHER: Heavy-handed priest imposes quirky personal whims on TLM

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I kindly ask your opinion (and perhaps advice) on the following matter of great importance to our local TLM community. The rector of the church (who sometimes celebrates the EF for us, but we are not … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters’ observations about post-Conciliar liturgical as “irreversible”

Today canonist Ed Peters provides some helpful notes (HERE) about something His Holiness of Our Lord said the other day about the liturgical reform after Vatican II being irreversible.   Pope Francis seemed in invoke the Magisterium. Peters explains what … Read More

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