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10th anniv. of Summorum Pontificum : Solemn Mass in Notre-Dame de Paris

I was sent a link to some beautiful photos of a Solemn Mass celebrated in the great Cathedral of Paris, Notre-Dame.  HERE  A couple of examples:  

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REVIEW: Fr. Gerald Murray v. Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin

I have some homework for you. First, read at the National Catholic Register the outstanding, comprehensive analysis of what homsexualist activist Jesuit Fr James Martin is attempting.  It is written by Judy Roberts. HERE Then read my friend Fr. Gerry Murray’s obliteration … Read More

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Your Good News

Do you have some good news to report?  We could use some. Here is some good news… well… it’s also bad news.  I guess it depends on your perspective. One Quarter of Ordinations in France Belong to the Tridentine Rite … Read More

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Wherein another priest rants: Liberal hypocrite priests and bishops

For the record, I endorse the following in its entirety. From Fr. Dwight Longenecker (alas, still at Patheos) from some time ago, 2015, but recently spotted on Facebook – with my usual treatment: Blowing the Whistle on Liberal Hypocrites On … Read More

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Remembrance of things past

Today is the 146 birthday of the Marcel Proust.  Big deal, right?  It’s just that the OED’s WOTD today is “madeleine”.   “Madeleine” makes me think immediately – and in an appropriately nostalgic way – of a certain feast, of … Read More

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