PODCAzT 157: Pius XII – Ingruentium malorum – On reciting the Rosary

Pius XII RosaryNational Catholic Register on 1 Oct 2017 had a terrific article which brought to my attention again an 1951 Encyclical of Pius XII 1951, Ingruentium malorum, on the recitation of the Rosary.

The article by Joseph Pronechen is rightly called prophetic. As it so often happens when we read these old encyclicals it is as if they were directed to our very days.

Today I read it for you.

As you listen, tune your ears for he description of their times, in the post war. He could be describing our situation.

One of the things he drives hard is the importance of the family.  He also has a powerful description of the Rosary, when challenges loom, as if it were David’s sling against the huge enemy Goliath.d confusing for the Church and no little trouble for me as well.

So as we come to the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, the Feast of the Holy Rosary, here is a reflection to help strengthen your resolve and joy and to inspire new personal and family practices.


You might hear along the way, something by Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s The Mystery Sonatas


Also, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist


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  2. Andreas says:

    Today (Saturday 07 October) is an especially important day to recite the Rosary. On this, the day we remember the Battle of Lepanto, a million Poles and many others throughout Europe will be reciting a Rosary as part of the „Rozaniec do granic“ (Rosenkranz an der Grenze) whereby we will be praying for the restoration of Europe to its Christian roots, the preservation and safety of our nation-states, cultures, languages, traditions and ways of life. Many begin to understand that the threats to all of these from both within and without have placed the futures of our children and grandchildren at great risk. The Poles will be literally forming a chain of prayer about their land, reciting the Rosary and holding Masses at the over 300 ‘station’ churches that line the border. Those of us outside the borders of Poland will be joining them in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. It worked on this day back in 1571; it is hoped that doing so will again prove as successful.

  3. Therese says:

    Andreas, what a wonderful thing. In a moment I will explain this to my Polish husband.

    Thank you, Father, for yet another generous gift. A beautiful encyclical, beautifully read.

  4. jaykay says:

    As it happened, I was at the 10:30 Sung Mass in Westminster Cathedral, London, yesterday and the (excellent) Homily was on the Holy Rosary but…but… the reasons behind the Feast, and the context i.e. the battle of Lepanto, were skilfully and cogently explained (and Pius V correctly referred to as “Pope St. Pius V”). There was a beautiful image of Our Lady of Fatima prominently displayed in the Sanctuary surrounded by candles and flowers, and after the Mass a consecration of the Cathedral Parish to Her, with Rosary. Very well attended (it’s a BIG church) and the liturgy and music of course beautiful, as one expects there.

  5. Mariana2 says:

    Thanks, Father!

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