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ASK FATHER: Considering moving to a Ukrainian Catholic Parish

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I attend a NO parish and am considering moving to a Ukrainian Catholic Parish for a variety of reasons but mainly because I am attracted to the Divine Liturgy and the beautiful traditions they have held … Read More

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What Did St. Francis Really Say?

First, think of this the next time you are called upon to sing that ditty that starts with: “Make me a channel of your peace”. From the fine Francis of Assisi: A New Biography by frequent commentator here Fr Augustine Thompson.  US … Read More

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Read every word, top to bottom. HERE The moderation queue is ON. UPDATE: Alas, some of the comments over there leave quite a bit to be desired.

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More dreck at Fishwrap

At Fishwrap (aka the National Schismatic Reporter) there are a couple of dreadful reads.  Shocking, right? First, Jesuit Thomas Reese wrote (at the horrid RNS), about how more conservative Catholics are now “cafeteria Catholics” because they disagree with Pope Francis.  … Read More

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Spiffy new Christmas Music disc from the Dominican Sisters of Mary

Lots of groups are coming out with sacred music discs these days.  GREAT! Well in advance of the Advent/Christmas season, the Dominican Sisters of Mary in Ann Arbor, MI have a new Christmas music disc.  They are celebrating their own 20th … Read More

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ASK FATHER: In what scenario would you give Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried?

QUAERITUR: You wrote in a recent post, “Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried (which in 99.99% of cases would be sacrilege).” Can you tell me what scenario would permit your conscience to give communion to the remarried? I can … Read More

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