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New sacred music disc: Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of Fatima

The great folks at St. John Cantius in Chicago – where they have a fine sacred music program – have a new disc: Renaissance Polyphony of Portugal for Our Lady of Fatima US HERE – UK HERE Too bad it didn’t … Read More

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The young DO embrace Tradition: a new VIDEO from Los Angeles

There are those who right now are running down the Traditional Roman Rite, the intentions of Pope Benedict, and, worst of all, the people who desire them.  These poor negative complainers are stuck in their own ideology.  They seem genuinely afraid of … Read More

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#LasVegasShooting – Wherein Fr. Z rants.

For some days now I have been avoiding watching news and news commentary shows, etc.  So, through a look at my Twitter feed earlier today, I learned of the horrifying events in Las Vegas. The usual hysteria is now pouring … Read More

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The unstated racism of the ‘c’atholic Left

There was an article in, of all places, Hell’s Bible (aka The New York Times) about the influence of the traditional Roman Rite in Africa. This article prompted a spittle-flecked nutty from the usual suspects, such as Beans and Ruff. … Read More

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Is homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. @JamesMartinSJ a heretic? Canon Law with Ed Peters.

Canonist Ed Peters posted at his excellent site In The Light Of The Law, an illuminating post bringing greater clarity to what heresy is and what Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr. James Martin thinks. Peters doesn’t have a combox, but I do. … Read More

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A hellish enemy is at work in the Church

On this beautiful Feast of our Guardian angels, we must remember the invisible role they inevitably play in our lives.  On a plane of being that we humans cannot sense, the holy angels thwart the attacks of hellish fallen angels, bent on our … Read More

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