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I ride a Vespa PX150 around town as it’s quick and cheap to run. When I start the scooter each time I recite the Apostles’ Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Gloria while the engine is warming. Then I am right to go. I was wondering if you knew of a prayer (preferably in Latin) I could say after the earlier prayers for protection during my journey.

I have been an avid reader/follower from WDTPRS almost from its inception and I think you are doing a wonderful work for the Church all over the world. God bless you.

Thanks for your kind words.

There is a time honored prayer used when making a journey. It is a tad long for a short scoot, but… hey! You asked for Latin prayer before using your Vespa, and that’s what I’m going to provide. You can find the classic Itinerarium HERE.

This Itinerarium was a prayer used especially by those starting out on a pilgrimage. All pilgrimages are journeys but not all journeys are pilgrimages. Still, every time you cross the threshold to travel somewhere, you are striking out into the unknown, where your life’s end might come more quickly than if you had stayed at home.

Perhaps you could use just one of the several prayers in the Itinerarium:

Deus, qui filios Israel per maris medium sicco vestigio ire fecisti, quique tribus Magis iter ad te stella duce pandisti, tribue nobis quaesumus iter prosperum tempusque tranquillum: ut, Angelo tuo sancto comite, ad eum quo pergimus locum, ac demum ad aeternae salutis portum pervenire feliciter valeamus.

O God, who madest the children of Israel to walk with dry feet through the midst of the sea, and who didst open unto the three wise men, by the guiding of a star, the way that led unto Thee, grant us good speed, and quietness: may thy holy Angel accompany us during our pilgrimage and in the end, may we attain the haven of eternal salvation.

Or else one of the prayers from the Rituale for the Blessing of a Vehicle (making the sign of the cross over yourself, not the bike):

Propitiáre, Dómine Deus,supplicatiónibus nostris, et bénedic currum istum déxtera tua sancta: adjúnge ad ipsum sanctos Angelos tuos, ut omnes,qui in eo vehéntur, líberent et custódiant semper a perículis univérsis: et quemádmodum viro Æthíopi super currum suum sedénti et sacra elóquia legénti, per Levítam tuum Philíppum fidem et grátiam contulísti; ita fámulis tuis viam salútis osténde, qui tua grátia adjúti bonísque opéribus júgiter inténti, post omnes viæ et vitæ hujus varietátes,ætérna gáudia cónsequi mereántur.Per Christum Dóminum nostrum.

Lord God, be well disposed to our prayers, and bless this vehicle with your holy hand. Appoint your holy angels as an escort over it, who will always shield its passengers and keep them safe from accidents. And as once by your deacon, Philip, you bestowed faith and grace upon the Ethiopian seated in his carriage and reading Holy Writ, so also now show the way of salvation to your servants, in order that, strengthened by your grace and ever intent upon good works, they may attain, after all the successes and failures of this life, the certain happiness of everlasting life; through Christ our Lord. All: Amen.

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  1. Stephanus83 says:

    I’m an avid cyclist and it’s downright scary at times. I think I’m going to start reciting this before training rides.

  2. teachermom24 says:

    Thank you for this!! My son and I will be leaving Sunday after Mass for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. We will offer these prayers at then end of Mass.

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