ASK FATHER: Scheduling a specific Mass for a profession: IT professionals

From a reader…


How do you go about scheduling a specific Mass for a profession? I am a member of a new group called Saint Isidore’s Guild, a professional apostolate of programmers and other IT professionals under the patronage of the St. Isidore of Seville based in St. Paul. We were thinking of having a Mass on the Feast of Saint Isidore for IT People/Programmers, but have no idea what that would actually entail.

I like your initiative.  I suggest that you approach a parish priest about this and simply ask him.

There are in most places specific annual Masses for certain professions.  A “Red Mass” is celebrated for those in the legal professions, such as lawyers and judges.  A “Blue Mass” is celebrated for law enforcement.  A “White Mass” is for health care professionals.  I’ve also heard of “Gold Mass” for scientists, etc., gold because of the old hunt in alchemy for a way to turn substances into gold.  I don’t think that has caught on yet.

Why not a Mass for IT pros?

What would it be called, I wonder.  It should perhaps be a sufficiently obscure color name so as to reflect a measure of nerdiness.

How about Wenge Mass?  Fulvous Mass?  I know… Incarnadine Mass!

I wish my POLL PLUGIN was working!

Speaking of St. Isidore, have a look at the prayer I wrote many years ago before using the internet.  It has been translated into lots of languages and it has official recognition from quite a few dioceses.  I have a page with an explanation of why I wrote it, way back when, and the different language versions.


I am always happy to have new versions, along with audio recordings by native speakers.

I always have a link to that page and prayer at the top menu of this blog.

BTW… apparently the Klingon version of the prayer wasn’t very good, but the nerdy jackass who sent me a nastygram about it didn’t provide a better version.  Now that the new Star Trek series is going, with lots of Klingon, we could get a more acceptable rendering.


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  1. JesusFreak84 says:

    I would actually like to know more about that guild, if they’re open to members anywhere in the US… IT tends to lean so far to the left, a Catholic group would be a welcome break.

  2. teomatteo says:

    On the subject: I would be all for a ‘purple’ mass for dental professionals on the feast of St. Apollonia Feb. 9th. What a beautiful name that.

  3. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Awesome idea for the feast of St. Isidore of Seville!

    But don’t forget. St. Anthony Mary Claret — who once worked as a punchcard loom programmer! His feast was just back on October 24. Your guild could have a Spring Mass with St. Isidore, and a Fall one with St. Anthony Mary Claret.

  4. ScottSenffner says:

    I would also like to know more about the guild. I am in Illinois.

  5. tzard says:

    There are only so many primary colors – how about “dark gray” – the (achromatic) color of silicon. It’s also similar to color of some ash.

  6. GregB says:

    Colors representing the on off binary state of computers would be interesting. Unfortunately the obvious satanic connotations of a White-Black Mass makes this a total nonstarter. I wonder if a 10 Mass would be acceptable?

  7. miketruso says:

    For those looking for more information about the St. Isidore Guild:

  8. miketruso says:

    For those looking for more information about the St. Isidore Guild:

  9. Chuck4247 says:

    a 10 Mass would only be acceptable if if pronounced “a Two Mass”

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