Ite Rodentes! Hockey, commercials, and an admonition.

Tonight I’ve tuned into watch the noble, scholar/athlete University of Minnesota Golden Gophers mens hockey team battle the arrogant, effete Irish of the school that honored the most pro-abortion President in history, who worked to destroy our religious liberties and undermined our national security.


I have a cousin on the team.  It is pretty strange to hear my rather rare name coming out of the TV.  Tonight they are on NBCSN, in case you want to tune in and either cheer for Minnesota or against Notre Shame.  HERE

MN has a really tough schedule coming up.

However, what I’ve noticed is the commercials… it seems that companies and products are teaming up.  In one man’s electric shaver spot, they teamed up with the upcoming Star Wars movie.  In another, there was a car insurance company paired with a jewelry outlet.


That said, ITE RODENTES!

And to anyone backing the Irish…


(Ditto backers of the Gophers, but for other reasons.)

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  1. Matthew says:

    Geico and Helzberg Diamonds are both owned by Berkshire Hathaway, if that are the two you saw.

  2. Absit invidia says:

    Now Notre Dame has to answer to God for a contraception mandate that they backed out of first, then relented to the pressures of the zeitgeist.

  3. Fr. Kelly says:

    Absit invidia is right, but things are even worse at ND these days.
    William Dempsey of the Sycamore Trust has been documenting Notre Dame’s steady, and at times precipitous, decline all while trying to preserve whatever can be saved of her Catholic Identity.
    The 4 most recent bulletins show that ND at first did not claim the religious freedom exemption to the HHS mandate offered by President Trump until after a tremendous amount of alumni pressure. During that period, they opted to continue to provide contraceptives and abortifacient drugs through their health care plan even without any legal requirement. They did freely exactly what they claimed in their law suit that they could not in conscience do.
    Then after a great deal of alumni pressure, they partially claimed the exemption saying that starting next year, they would not provide these things. then, about a week later after being sued by the ACLU among others, they reversed themselves and said that their insurer would continue to provide contraceptives free of charge into the future.
    Then they quietly announced that Services covered in their employees’ flexible spending accounts would be determined by IRS form 502. The first service named in that document is any legal abortion. It also covers contraceptives, sterilization, and Dec reassignment surgery. So with that quiet change, they committed themselves to underwriting the cost of employees’ abortions.
    Finally, a few days later after intense alumni protest, they modified this policy to say that covered services in their FSA are determined by IRS form 502 with the exception of abortion. (Leaving all the other services in place )

    I was gratified to see them lose to Stanford tonight in football.

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