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Forty years ago… USSR v US at Lake Placid

I’ve been lately in a place where a lot of miracles were worked.  However, today I also remember the so-called “Miracle on Ice”. Forty years ago… can it be that long?… the US ice hockey team beat the Russians. I … Read More

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Francis on ice hockey… yes, ice hockey

As a Minnesota kid I skated and played hockey.  Hockey is in the family. Hence, when I saw that Francis addressed himself to the International Ice Hockey Federation (they gave him a uniform sweater with a Roman numeral – you … Read More

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Ite Rodentes! Hockey, commercials, and an admonition.

Tonight I’ve tuned into watch the noble, scholar/athlete University of Minnesota Golden Gophers mens hockey team battle the arrogant, effete Irish of the school that honored the most pro-abortion President in history, who worked to destroy our religious liberties and … Read More

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22 February 1980 – The Miracle

I was at the University of Minnesota when the US Hockey Team beat the Soviet Union at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. I was particularly tuned in, because quite a few Minnesota players were on the team. From History: U.S. … Read More

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Here is a reminder about how men take care of differences. Watch to the end, it is only about 1:30. The impatient can go to about 1:00. Yep. This is about right. Let’s have the fight. And for those who … Read More

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ITE, RODENTES! Talk about drama!

I just want to say to all of the supports of the North Dakota (arrogant effete) Sioux, just defeated by the (noble scholar athlete) Gophers, a big “thanks” and “neener neener”. The Golden Gophers are in the Final! Justin Holl … Read More

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Bruins win!

I’ve been a Bruins fan for a long time. Just to give this little hockey sweater some scale… my shoes. And I don’t have particularly large shoes. This little wool sweater would have shrunk a little, I think, but nevertheless … Read More

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WINONA, MN: Annual SSPX seminarian/priest hockey game

The SSPX seminary for the USA is found in the southern part of my native Minnesota, … hockey is just plain normal. A thoughtful reader alerted me to this story from the Winona Daily News for your “Just Too Cool” … Read More

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It’s hockey …day… in Canada! GO USA! UPDATE!!  24 SECONDS LEFT!  3rd PERIOD!! EMPTY NET!!!  SHUCKS.  But!… WHAT.A.GAME!

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