REVIEW: Beautiful altar cards for Requiem Masses, church and and travel

Some time ago, the nice lady at SPORCH, sent me two sets of Requiem altar cards, one for a church altar and one for a traveling altar.

SPORCH is the Society for the Preservation of Roman Catholic Heritage.  Click HERE

First, the big ones…

They are pretty big. Here they are on the edge of a large table.


The center card.


A detail.


You can tell that this set is for a Requiem from this card. What is the clue?


Next the traveling set.  They are a little larger than the regular set, which are red.

with a common tea spoon as a reference for size.





They are sturdy and durable.

These would be a great gift to seminarians and all priests. They are perfect for a travelling Mass set.


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  1. youngcatholicgirl says:

    The clue that the altar card is for a Requiem Mass is the “Non dicitur: Gloria Patri”.

    “Beautiful altar cards” is absolutely correct!

  2. Fr_Andrew says:

    The look beautiful and very well-done. Still they suffer from being made by someone with very good taste who probably doesn’t use the items for Mass.

    The center section of the center card, beautiful as it is will be blocked from view by most chalices, except during the consecration of the Precious Blood, so the the priest will need to look at the Missal for the words for the consecration of the Host. Many cards suffer from this.

    I have found the best cards put images or artwork on the center card on the bottom or along the sides. They also will place the the Placeat (and the Aufer and Oramus, if included) up top, since at a Low Mass only the top is visible with the chalice veil in place.

    The best Gloria/Credo combination then seem to be one on each side, so with the chalice in place both can be fully seen, or nearly so.

    Still they look gorgeous.

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