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From a reader…I learned that people were not able to post comments from their mobile phones because they got blocked at the PREVIEW part.  I shut off the preview.  However, friends, please proof read.  Posting successive comments saying “I meant X, not Y” is tedious.

Also, I had a VOICEMAIL from “Sir Dan” in England.  Cheers, friend!  Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, pray for us!

Next, from email


I would like to thank you for the advice and to give you an update. because I thought for sure this was not going to be my wife’s cup of tea. She has not been to confession this week (ya I’m being kind I love her) So I underestimated how much she cared I guess. Or maybe the mass had its own unique effect on her. Maybe she saw something she has never seen before I can’t say, but she was very engaged. She wants MORE. We must go back its not a question for her. Maybe this is how God and Our Holy Mother get her into a confessional. Pray for her.
Pray for us. Just pray and give it to the Mother of God she will sort it out, but don’t stop what you are doing. Thank you.

Prayers. I’m sure that the readers here will stop, now, and pray a Memorare.

Here is another reader..

Wanted to drop a quick note about my first attendance of a latin mass.

I was born post vatican II, so I’ve only ever been to the Norvus Ordo. I’ve been interested in experiencing the Latin, and found one a short drive away. It was at 7 AM on Sunday morning, so we went to Saturday Evening mass at our normal parish, and I went to the Latin by myself.

My biggest observation: At Saturday Evening mass, we typically have 3 altar servers. Boys/Girls, Jeans, Tennis shoes, etc. At this mass, there was not a server in the entire building. Not “hey the scheduled servers didn’t show up, can we get volunteers”…there wasn’t a single one in the building. This is a thriving parish, comparatively.

At the latin mass, they used 6 servers. All were boys, all were there, all were dressed in dress pants, dress shoes, button shirts, and the ‘latest’ one to arrive was 10 minutes before mass.

Demand more, you will get more. Make it a privilege and a challenge, young men will line up. Make it easy, simple, and inclusive, they see it as a chore they have to do.

Thanks for helping to expose me to the TLM.

(please anonoymize if you publish, I do love our parish, I think we just need more tradition, less balloons and banners)

Do I hear an “Amen!” from the readership?

Folks, be inviting to others.  Ask them to go to confession and to Mass… then perhaps breakfast after Mass to talk about it, if they are new to traditional worship.   There also may be people who are shut in or have a hard time getting around.  Offer to bring them.  What a great work of mercy.

On this note, I’ll add this recent voicemail feedback, about an similar issue. This fellow has discovered the Traditional Latin Mass. He mentions Brompton Oratory.

Thanks for that!  Brompton is fantastic.  Thank God for what they have done over the decades since the Council to keep reverent sacred worship alive.  They are an inspiration.

It is interesting now to see Oratories are springing up.

Very interesting.

In answer to your Mystic Monk Coffee question, yes, use my link each time you order.

And, to add an observation of my own…

Since the Wyoming Carmelites changed their ordering process and the way affiliate accounts work, I am not getting credit for many fewer of the sales that I bring to them.  I don’t that that’s fair, but that’s how they are now doing it.  And, they are processing these sales very slowly, which I don’t get.

These Carmelites are great, but sheesh.  I’m beginning to be less than happy.  Here is a view of what I see when I check my account.

So… feeddback to me… feedback from me to them.

<span style=”background-color: #ff0000; color: #ffcc00;”>UPDATE:</span>

Also, a couple CHALLENGE COINS have come in and one goes out today to a kind Donor.  Thanks, MS!  Much appreciated.


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