Italian Left in a melt-down

Andrea Grillo, giving the Church the finger from his blog.

Here’s something interesting from Italy.

The Italian Left is having a spittle-flecked nutty about the new coalition government that was formed… admittedly strange.  It’s Italy after all.    Beans is beside himself.

I also saw at the blog of Marco Tosatti and at Messa in Latino that tradition hating, finger-giving Mr. Cricket, Andrea Grillo, has melted down entirely.

The new Minister for the Family, Lorenzo Fontana, has expressed his view that children belong in families with a man and a woman.  He thinks life should be defended from conception to natural death.   And… get this… he participates in the Traditional Latin Mass!

Hence, Cricket’s melt-down.  Thus, Cricket:

“One of the conditions of the fascism of Fontana is Summorum Pontificum. Remember!…”

And also…

“The legitimization that Summorum Pontificum ensures for the political reactionary drift must be reported. Not only in Italy.”

I’m conflicted.

First, out of concern for him, I think someone should be sure he is taking his meds.

On the other hand, I am delighted that he is up on his hind legs like this.  His crazy blurbs do more to de-legitimize his crowd than many blog posts we could write in favor of Summorum Pontificum.

Of course, Summorum Pontificum was one of the greatest gifts to the whole Church that any modern Pope has bequeathed.

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  1. Fr_Sotelo says:

    A politician attacking Summorum Pontificum? Because it encourages right-wing reactionaries? My head is spinning at this nonsense. I’ll have to take to my fainting couch over this one.

  2. richiedel says:

    It’s telling when an individual traces all ills – societal, spiritual, etc. – back to Summorum Pontificum. At the same time, it makes you wonder how widely spread such obsession is with the document, and puts one on one’s guard as to whether people’s seemingly passive ignoring of the document really hides a similar abhorrence which may similarly rear its ugly head once the passive surface gets scratched.

  3. Charles E Flynn says:

    Is the new Minister for the Family, Lorenzo Fontana, a “triple threat”, or one who has accomplished a “hat trick”?

  4. Jacob says:

    Father Sotelo, I wonder if in Italy there is the same kind of relationship between the EF and the right as there is in France, where I have read over the years of the relationship between Archbishop Lefebvre/SSPX and Action Française.

  5. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    The Latin Mass is “fascist” or promotes “fascism”?


    Ever wonder why Benito Mussolini founded the Italian fascist party? His old party, the Socialists, expelled him because he supported Italy’s entry into World War I. Mussolini was also atheist and anti-clerical.

    Did you ever wonder what, according to the left, makes the free market and private “fascist”?


    Using nothing more than Marxist analysis–which is, come on, useless–leftists (in their Communist and Socialist forms) began associating “capitalism” (or the free market and private property) with fascism even though Mussolini and Adolf Hitler condemned capitalism as strongly as any lefrist. If you also read the original post-WWI Nazi Party platform, it called for the abolition of private party.

    My point is that fascism, contrary to popular belief, literally sprang from socialism, not the free market and certainly not Catholic social teaching.

    Can you imagine Grillo describing any Muslim practice or belief as “fascist”?

  6. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    About 10 years ago, Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlewaite, a United Church of Christ minister and wacky feminist theologian, tried to link the Latin Mass to the Catholic sex abuse scandal.

    This brought a brilliant reply from a UCC blogger

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  8. Fr_Sotelo says:


    In my opinion, there are SSPX attendees whose politics are very far right, or even alt right or with fascist sympathies. But after Summorum Pontificum, the attendees we see at the EF Masses is larger, and consequently more diverse. By opening up the EF Mass to easier access among diocesan priests and regular parishes in Summorum Pontificum, Benedict XVI brought a whole new group into EF Mass congregations. This is why I am flabbergasted at someone connecting Summorum Pontificum to fascism. I imagine that politician has no connection to a typical Summorum Pontificum parish.

  9. pbnelson says:

    This subject would benefit from a link to some source/background article.

    I am only vaguely aware of a populist political movement in Italy, but last I heard it was dead. You can always rely on the MSM to wildly exaggerate reports of the death of anything rightwing. I googled variations on “new government in Italy” and never came across anything particularly triumphant for the right from the past couple days. Are you telling me there’s some good rightwing Italian news out there that Google/AP isn’t sharing?

    Well, I’m still looking. If anyone has something, please send a link to an article this midwesterner can digest.

  10. SKAY says:

    I recently read an article about an Italian (leftist) politician that was attending the recent DNC convention and gave an interview about how he was backing Hillary Clinton. Interesting that he wanted to insert their influence in our election but no longer surprising. He and over 200
    other EU politicians were found to have connections to the EU Open Society organization.

  11. Moro says:

    When I see a left wing outburst like this, I can’t help but wonder if this is a diabolical reaction. Like liberals in the US when a military chaplain or someone at an inauguration invokes the name of Jesus.

    After all, the devil does hate the TLM

  12. Huber says:

    The modern left likes to label anything ordered against them as fascist. Remember the symbol of fascism is the Roman fasces, a bound bundle of rods that are “stronger together” (hey wasnt that Hillary’s campaign slogan?).

  13. Jacob says:

    Father Sotelo:

    All that you say is absolutely true. But I still think there is some kind of European sociopolitical aspect to comments like this. As our host would say, I will have to drill into it more.

  14. robtbrown says:

    Jacob says:

    Father Sotelo, I wonder if in Italy there is the same kind of relationship between the EF and the right as there is in France, where I have read over the years of the relationship between Archbishop Lefebvre/SSPX and Action Française.

    I have spent more than a few months in France, was Confirmed there, and have had contact with more than a few French Traditionalists, most of whom favor the Mass of Pius V.

    Generally, they are monarchists and conservative politically–there is nothing un or anti Catholic about being either. There are, however, some French clerics who think that favoring various contemporary versions of democracy is an Article of Faith.

    In fact, AF died years ago. Its founder was Charles Maurras, who was agnostic.

  15. jaykay says:

    As far as I know, Action Francaise was condemned by Pius XI back in the 30s. Abp. Lefebrve was a missionary priest in French West Africa at the time, I think, so he didn’t have a connection there. And since the SSPX was only founded in the 70s there couldn’t have been a direct connection to it?

    I’ve only really been involved with the French TLM movement, via the NDC Chartres Pilgrimage, over the last 10 years or so but “right wing”, “reactionary” etc. etc. isn’t something that springs to mind in that context, outside the lefty fever-swamp. And I do know a lot of French history.

  16. richiedel says:

    Father Sorely:


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