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ASK FATHER: Priest tells woman not to wear veil at Mass

From a reader… A woman was told by her priest to NOT wear her veil to Mass. It was blessed and so she didn’t know if she was required by obedience to not wear it, or since because it was … Read More

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Keep your eyes and ears open for “lived reality” language

At Fishwrap there are a couple things today which exemplify the starting point of the Left. First, I note a revealing comment by the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left. MSW wrote, inter alia, about the recent death of … Read More

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Waltham, MA council votes to seize Church property by eminent domain

From HERE: Waltham City Council Votes To Take Stigmatine Property For HS It was a 10 to 4 vote after more than three hours in a closed-door session. WALTHAM, MA — Waltham City Council voted to take the Stigmatine property … Read More

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A reminder about the Apostolic Pardon given by a priest to the dying

Two recent email exchanges brought up the importance of the Apostolic Pardon (AP).  It is also sometimes called the Apostolic Blessing. The AP is a special indulgence given by a priest to a person who is dying which remits all … Read More

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Fr. Sherbrooke on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration

Please rush over to the UK’s best Catholic weekly and read the great article by my friend Fr. Alexander Sherbrooke, of St Patrick’s at Soho Square in London. HERE Fr. Sherbrooke is a priest’s priest, who has done amazing things … Read More

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