Priest uses a Communion dispenser

So I conclude a brief pastoral nap and open my mail. BAMMO I’m instantly awake at the sight of

“Priest uses a Communion dispenser”

Clicking through I find….

What goes on inside the head of such a priest?

I wrote about this thing back in 2009. HERE

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  1. Eoin OBolguidhir says:

    I had hoped it would be a spoon.

  2. Eoin OBolguidhir says:

    A spoon, or a deacon.

  3. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    The total loss of supernatural Faith.

  4. tamranthor says:

    I wonder if it comes spring-loaded, so the folks in the back of the church won’t have to walk all the way up to receive. Looks a bit like the t-shirt launcher they use at big arena events; I should think it would revolutionize the Mass in ways the wreckovaters never foresaw. Now, when do we get a nice tapper for the Precious Blood?

  5. padredana says:

    SURELY this is not Catholic… If it is…someone needs to be disciplined, strongly so!

  6. Fr_Sotelo says:

    That must be an Episcopalian. No crucifix. No chasuble. Not following the Roman Missal. Not saying “The Body of Christ” when he gives Communion.

    Second thought, we never know these days.

  7. rcg says:

    Maybe his bishop should crack it open and find out.

  8. Benedict Joseph says:

    Not all nuts grow on trees.

  9. L. says:

    I expected it to be something like those guns that shoot foam disks, like this:

  10. Joy65 says:

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! PLEASE don’t let this become even rarely used in any Churches. Our Lord is not a candy in a Pez dispenser.

  11. A PEZ dispenser! Our Dear Lord is being abused here. Every particle is His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. If a priest has to cleanse the vessels very carefully as not to leave one particle then how in the world does this thing get cleansed? Do they just run it under the faucet? Just another abuse IMHO. Totally ridiculous! That priest and those who treat Our Lord in this disrespectful manner shouldn’t be wearing the collar.

  12. Gripen says:

    They’re picking up little tiny cups of wine after being dispensed whatever the minister is handing out. Forgive my flippancy, but there’s no way this is Catholic. Most likely Presbyterian, I suspect. It’s a bit out there even for Episcopalians.

    [Could be. It is definitely out there.]

  13. MrsMacD says:

    From a holy priest dressed in sacred vestments feeding his flock, to a red faced priest in an alb dispensing the ‘Eucharist’. Meh! And you want us to ‘get involved’. Bleh.

    [Yes, I do. What are you? Small of spirit?]

  14. CDNowak says:

    Looking around online, I find the words used at distribution (“Body of Christ, given for you”) as both the Anglican and Methodist usage, so – thankfully! – not Catholic to begin with.

    Not surprising given that not only are they using the “shooter” but followed by “chasers” of wine (something like this, it appears:

    At the same time, if this were a genuine liturgical abuse, then the anonymizing of the location (a Spanish language video (?), of an English liturgy, on an Italian channel) seems designed to generate outrage rather than document and call for correction of the abuses that actually occurred.

  15. Glennonite says:

    I truly pray that this ain’t a Catholic parish. If it is, there HAS to be a loophole in the prohibition that prevents one from knocking a priest on his…..brain-housing-unit. Might be worth it in any case.

  16. edm says:

    That is most definitely not Episcopal. It may be Lutheran.

  17. rwj says:

    Kinda looks like Cardinal Marx…

  18. plaf26 says:

    That is not a Catholic “service.” The covered silver trays on the altar are for those little individual wine cups used in many protestant churches for communion. They fill them from a dispenser with a rubber bulb (same idea as the host dispenser) in the sacristy before the service. In both cases, I presume, the idea is to dispense just the right amount and maintain sanitary conditions.

  19. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Fake news?

  20. Choirgirl says:

    Oh I’m so disappointed! I thought it really was like a Pez dispenser, with Sister Pantsuit on top!

    There are, most likely, people who approach the Sacraments seriously concerned about germs, who don’t even think *once* about their sins.

  21. JARay says:

    I simply could not believe this sacrilege until I saw it on your video. I am appalled!

  22. WmHesch says:

    That stole… Is PUCE a liturgical color??

  23. majuscule says:

    The vintage movie music playing in the background really got to me…

    …and not in a good way.

  24. Malta says:

    @tramranthor “I wonder if it comes spring-loaded, so the folks in the back of the church won’t have to walk all the way up to receive.” ROTFL!

    You know those suction tubes they have in the drive through of banks? The priest could feed his flock with those; the Eucharist could just get sucked through the air in hundreds of tubes to each faithful.

  25. Malta says:

    Or, actually, like a bar uses a flying midget to deliver drinks (cf. they could use flying midgets to deliver the Eucharist.

  26. The Astronomer says:

    Presbyterian, but no doubt some ‘Fishwrappers’ are thinking, “wait till I tell our liturgy committee (commissars) about THIS!!!”

  27. MrsMacD says:

    The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh weak.

  28. rtjl says:

    Good grief. What’s next? A sling shot to administer communion on the tongue directly from the altar?

  29. APX says:

    The good news is I’m pretty sure this isn’t Catholic. There’s no Stations along the walls, and the tray of little thimble sized cups is something Protestants and Mormons do. There’s also a lack of EMHC…

  30. jbazchicago says:

    Put an “Ecce Homo” on the top and it’s a Jesus Pezz!

  31. Nan says:

    On the bright side, that wasn’t the body of Christ.

  32. Sawyer says:

    I can see this being useful if Mass is celebrated in a zero-gravity environment. Hosts in a ciborium would float away. But how to keep the wine/Precious Blood in the chalice? The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments may have to provide a future instruction about celebrating Mass in space.

  33. Gerard Plourde says:

    I think we shouldn’t rule out one of those “Old Catholic”communities that broke away when the Dogma of Infallibility was defined at the First Vatican Council. Severed from the Holy See, some of them have become pretty weird theologically and I wouldn’t doubt that they’ve “innovated” concerning liturgical practices as well.

  34. grumpyoldCatholic says:

    It’s the future . Soon there will be AI robot Priests to say mess. just kidding but who knows anymore

  35. NBW says:

    It looks like a protestant service to me. But then again it might be a Catholic “mass”. If so, this is way beyond Bugnini’s wildest dreams.

  36. Nan says:

    Sins pale in the face of germs/s

  37. Nan says:

    I met an Old Catholic priest, (not to be mistaken for an old, Catholic Priest) who was a chaplain in a medical facility. They simply don’t believe what the Church teaches and think that being welcome g to all means embracing sin. I asked why he said he was cathilic when clearly, based on what his church teaches, he isn’t.

    Then he went off on a tangent about how I must be one of those Roman Catholics, whereupon I let him know that I’m Byzantine and he started talking about the local Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

  38. PostCatholic says:

    As long as all the parts are made from precious metals, what’s the issue?

  39. iPadre says:

    Nothing is impossible with man!

  40. nine man morris says:

    Awesome! Sent to everyone I know – all two of them.

  41. churchlady says:

    I am truly horrified and pray this is not a Catholic Mass. A video in our Archdiocese on the proper way to receive:

  42. LarryW2LJ says:

    I wonder if the dispensing apparatus has modes – you know, “Single Shot” vs “Rapid Fire” modes? Rapid Fire wold be useful for those HUGE congregations. I could envision communion (deliberately small “c” as I am hoping this is NOT Catholic) being distributed in mere seconds.

  43. seeker says:

    Can we get clarification please? In this a Catholic Mass? If so….this is as charitable as I can be…does Father have a terrible illness with a severely depressed immune system in a locale with no other priests?
    Otherwise…those poor protestants.
    One more question…what company makes the dispenser? And can Pez Jesus be far behind?

  44. Nan says:

    Nobody needs a fully Semi-Automatic communion duspenser!

  45. eymard says:

    Charlie Chaplin, Communion dispenser visionary, solved the problem in 1936 in Modern Times:

  46. Ultrarunner says:

    Given this doesn’t appear to be a Catholic mass, which is worse, a Christian shepherd feeding his small flock by way of a dispensing machine, or a Catholic priest serving Holy Communion to his congregation of thousands, week after week, knowing he hasn’t heard 95% of them confess their sins in months, years or even decades?

  47. Charlotte Allen says:

    I wonder if you can use a Communion dispenser for Pringles.

  48. Rouxfus says:

    Pez be with you.

  49. TonyO says:

    Couple of details: as others have said, this doesn’t appear to be Catholic, or isn’t a valid consecration – the words of consecration were muddled and probably invalid. So, (hopefully), there wasn’t any direct and explicit sacrilege going on because it wasn’t Christ’s body.

    Second, it almost appears that the “priest” has trouble using his left hand – in other parts he doesn’t use his left hand when it would seem ordinary to do so, see 1:10 for example. This would not excuse a Catholic priest using this contraption, but it would make more sense out of a Protestant minister at least wanting to come up with another solution than holding the dish with one hand and giving the bread with the other. Even a Protestant minister should have more sense than this, but hey, he’s a Protestant minister for a reason, and “sense” isn’t it.

    Hopefully pretty soon the Protestants will go “all in” soon and resort to “symbolic” communion, in which they don’t actually receive anything physical at all, they only symbolically “receive” the gift of the Eucharist via a spiritual act of “communion”, this will dispense (ha!) with dispensing bread at all, the whole thing will be both cleaner and faster and (most important) even LESS like a true Mass than ever before. Father, is it OK to wish upon the Prots that they diverge even further from Christianity in their services so that when they come across the reality in a Catholic Mass it will strike them all the more as REAL?

  50. Leomagnus says:

    Hey Fr. Z., Fr. Perri here, Fr. Jay Finelli’s friend. It looks like a bong that he is using, perhaps he is smoking some medical marijuana in it after mass…..Such a sad state of affairs. By the way thank you very much for your insights and recommendations. It was great to meet you a Jay’s parish and have dinner with you. I have been working on celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass with Jay and hope to offer it more regularly. I am starting to have home school families use my parish school this September(working with Dr. MAtthew Cuddeback from PC) and I suspect they will want the TLM celebrated. The next time you come to visit Jay or are in RI, I will provided the Lagavullin 16… God Bless!

    [Who could resist an invitation like that? Thanks!]

  51. William says:

    Like many people, I hope this is not Catholic.

    Nevertheless, this is still wrong by many Protestant standards, and it wouldn’t be the first time Protestants scandalize the Catholic faith. (example: atheists who think that Catholics are no different from Chick, Swaggart, Osteen, whomever)

  52. Orlando says:

    It’s just a little white cracker because that’s not a Catholic priest but I’m sure some are getting ideas now. Why not make it really easy, covert an ATM to dispense those little cookies, stick it on the side of the Church and let the “ faithful “ just walk up and get it, never having to step foot in church . That’s progress right?

  53. Malta says:

    @grumpyoldcatholic “It’s the future . Soon there will be AI robot Priests to say mess..” That’s a good one! Lol!

    Let’s see if I can come-up with one more: you know what they could do, if the priest was skillful enough he could ping pong the Eucharist into the mouths of the faithful (cf.

  54. Carrie says:

    Of course this isn’t a Catholic Mass. the words of the Eucharistic prayer, the vestments, the tiny cups of wine. Looked/sounded like Lutheran. The cups are as silly as the dispenser. Jesus PASSED the bread and a common cup. He didn’t dispense the bread to each person or send a tray of shot glasses around. Sigh.

    That said— whatever Protestant faith this is, it is the liturgy and practice they have arrived at. Though it’s different than the Mass and doesn’t reflect our beliefs as Catholics, it’s disappointing to hear disparaging comments about Protestants. They are not “poor” anything. They are also faithful Christians loving others and doing much good in the world. Disrespecting them just reflects one’s unkind and judgmental nature.

  55. Fake news.

    This video has been displayed on the manufacturer’s websote for several years. It may be totally a demonstration, or it may be from a non-Catholic ecclesial community (Methodist, maybe). But whoever is presenting this as the action of a Catholoc priest is off-base.

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