Movement in the causes of Bl. John Henry Newman and Card. József Mindszenty

Here’s some news from today’s Bolletino.

Francis met with the Prefect of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints and he approved some decrees.  Among them…

il miracolo, attribuito all’intercessione del Beato Giovanni Enrico Newman, Cardinale di Santa Romana Chiesa, Fondatore dell’Oratorio di San Filippo Neri in Inghilterra; nato a Londra (Inghilterra) il 21 febbraio 1801 e morto a Edgbaston (Inghilterra) l’11 agosto 1890;

That is, a miracle was authenticated by the intercession of John Henry Newman.  Since he has already been beatified, the way is open to his canonization.

And also…

 le virtù eroiche del Servo di Dio Giuseppe Mindszenty, Cardinale di Santa Romana Chiesa, già Arcivescovo di Esztergom e Primate di Ungheria; nato a Csehimindszent (Ungheria) il 29 marzo 1892 e morto a Vienna (Austria) il 6 maggio 1975;

The heroic virtues of József Card. Mindszenty have been recognized.  That means he will now be called “Venerable” and, with a miracle, the way is open to his beatification.

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  1. Mike says:

    With respect to Blessed Newman, expect the libs in charge to chant “Development Of Doctrine!!” until they’re hoarse and to bury the rest of his work (especially his repudiation of liberalism) as deep as they can.

  2. pattif says:

    Two pieces of wonderful news. And now for a miracle to be attributed to the jntercession of Ven. Pope Pius XII.

  3. Ave Maria says:

    Very glad to know this about Cardinal Mindszenty. I also agree that Ven Pius XII should have a cause move forward. I suggest folks read the ” The Godmother” by Fr. Murr. Sr. Pascalina was told by St. Padre Pio about how he saw the soul of Pius XII stream towards Heaven when he died. There he was greeted by Pius IX and Our Lady!

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    This is great. Deo gratias.

    Cardinal Mindszenty was arrested, tortured, and imprisoned after a show trial in Communist Hungary in the late 1940s. During the 1956 Hungarian Revolution the Cardinal sought asylum at the US Embassy. From the website of the US Embassy Budapest, an account written by an American stationed at the Embassy in 1956:

    “On November 4, 1956, a Marine Corporal and Master Sergeant, and the Air Attache, Colonel Welwyn Dallam, were standing on the stairs at the entrance to the Chancery. Cardinal Mindszenty and a Monsignor walked up to the Chancery door. Through the Monsignor, who acted as the Cardinal’s interpreter, they asked to come into the U.S. Embassy. The corporal looked at the Air Attache and asked, “What should I do sir?” The Air Attache said nothing. The corporal then looked at the Master Sergeant and asked the same question. “Do your duty,” the sergeant replied. So the corporal, who had the keys to the building, unlocked the door, and in walked Cardinal Mindszenty, who stayed for fifteen years. A few moments later, a telex arrived from Washington instructing the Embassy to extend every courtesy should the Cardinal request asylum.”

    A fait accompli by a “strategic corporal” years before General Krulak coined the term (in this modern technological age a young corporal could make decisions with international policy implications).

    Just a guess, but when the Master Sergeant told the Corporal “Do your duty” the implication was that the Corporal consider the rest of the phrase: “…for God and Country.”

    As for Col. Dallam USAF, there is a bit more to his story than “The Air Attache said nothing.”

    From the website of “Cold War Budapest,” run by some enterprising guys in Budapest who lead walking tours of Cold War sites:

    “…on September 20 [SG here: 1955, the year before the Hungarian Revolution] two mysterious Americans arrived to the house with Legation security officer Robert Clark and performed a sweep of the Air Attache’s home. After 5 hours of search, they found all three listening devices planted by the AVH [SG: also known as the AVO, the Communist secret police controlled by the KGB]. It was standard procedure for the Americans to perform routine bug sweeps after every occasion any of their diplomats had to travel abroad for longer than a week, so actually the AVH was doomed to fail.”

    “Colonel Dallam was finally expelled from Hungary under charges of espionage after the 1956 revolution [was crushed by the Communists], and at least one of his Hungarian contacts was trapped and executed by the Hungarian authorities.”

    At the bottom of that US Embassy webpage is a photo from two days ago, February 11, of Secretary of State Pompeo in Budapest in front of a portrait of Cardinal Mindszenty.

  5. Gab says:

    Such a shame Paul VI and the bishops in Hungary betrayed Mindszenty but in the end Mindszenty won the martyrdom.

  6. Hidden One says:

    Oh good, they’re canonizing the biglietto speech.

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