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ASK FATHER: Patron Saint of aquaculture workers

Since there is a great deal that’s fishy going on inside and coming out of the Vatican, thus making it a kind of fish hatchery, I thought this question was appropriate. From a reader… QUAERITUR: My dad is the manager … Read More

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WOW! WWII era triptychs for Catholic Masses for the military

I saw something amazing at Amy Wellborn’s blog.  She writes about a group during WWII, Citizens Committee for the Army, Navy and Air Force, which commissioned artists to make portable triptychs for use during Catholic Masses.  The idea was to transform … Read More

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Of anti-Catholic bigots and attacks on the Catholic Church

A couple legislative items to ponder… At Fox we read about the Party of Death, enslaved to Big Business Abortion: Dems block ‘born alive’ bill to provide medical care to infants who survive failed abortions Senate Democrats on Monday blocked … Read More

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