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Something light for Friday

Because it’s Friday, and because we have all had terrible news all week, here’s what I consider to be one of the five funniest Bugs Bunny cartoons. One of my favorite lines is contained herein. And watch the hooves when … Read More

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The appallingly stupid “gay” book about the Vatican by the “gay” French writer

I received a Kindle copy of the appalling “gay” book by the “gay” French writer – and I use the term writer loosely. Damian Thompson’s review says it all better than I could: An exposé of high-ranking gays in the … Read More

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Blog maintenance underway now and for some time to come

Right now and in the foreseeable future, work is being done on the server, back end, of the blog. It is possible that there may be some outages or bumps along the way. Some big changes are on the horizon. … Read More

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Archbishop Viganò to participants in the Rome “summit” #PBC2019

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò sent an open message to Francis and participants in the “summit”, mainly presidents of bishops conferences from around the world, meeting in Rome in order to avoid talking about the problem of homosexuality as the basis of … Read More

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Military chaplain reacts to whiny “gay” priests

I received this from a military chaplain of many years, including service in Iraq.  He reacted to the Hell’s Bible piece about priests who are “gay” (I hate that word) who whine about being “trapped” in the priesthood.  My piece … Read More

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22 February 1980: Miracle on Ice

I still get the shivers watching this, even after all these years.

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