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Fr. Finigan @FatherTF and the importance of memorization

From time to time I comment on the importance of memorization in our life of the Faith.  Memorization was demonized by libs.  The reason is obvious.  Once a person memorizes something, it is his.  It sticks in him, sometimes waiting years … Read More

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During the Rome “summit” we celebrate the Feast of St Peter Damian, Doctor of the Church

Speaking of homosexuality, during the Rome “summit”, on 23 February, we will celebrate the feast of St Peter Damian (d 1072), Doctor of the Church. St. Peter was a spectacular theologian and reformer.  One of his hardest hitting works is … Read More

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Rome abuse “summit”, an SSPX video, and an @fatherz Jeremiad

On the brink of the commencement of the sex abuse “summit”, which is organized to speak to a dreadful problem in the Church, but is designed to avoid the root cause, I received this morning a video produced by the … Read More

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