QUESTION for readers: FAST STB

Do any of you readers out there know of any – officially accredited – schools/programs of study whereby someone could complete an STB quickly?  In less than 3 years?

How about by distance learning?

The idea would be to get that basic theology degree, STB, which is a prerequiste for a, for example, JCL.

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  1. Fr. Timothy Ferguson says:

    I would recommend checking with the program from which one is planning on getting the JCL. They may have a comprehensive preparatory program in place, which would not only provide one with an STB or it’s equivalent, but it would also be helpful to be in contact with the Canon Law faculty before fully entering the program. St. Paul in Ottawa, for example, has a JCB program that might fit the bill.

  2. rhurd says:

    Hello, Fr. Z and future “canonista.” I would suggest finding the pontifical faculty of your choice and asking them about ways of “personalizing” (consolidating) your program. It would help if you already have taken courses along the way that would count towards your STB, such as a course in the Bible or liturgy. Then you could start taking some of the licentiate courses towards the end of your STB and probably graduate with both degrees (STB and JCL) within four years.

    Believe it or not, “some of my best friends are canonists” and they come from rich, diverse backgrounds, so whatever you bring to your new venture will be well used.

  3. Thanks to those who posted comments.

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