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More dangerous garbage from the National Schismatic Reporter

This is the sort of dreck that Fishwrap publishes on Ash Wednesday – destruction of the Church’s identity and life through “updating” the sacraments. Keep in mind that Christ instituted the sacraments during His earthly life. The Church has authority … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Ash Wednesday Kitchen: Rose, Rice and Rapture

Today is not only Ash Wednesday, but it is also the Feast of St. Rose of Viterbo.   St. Rose died on 6 March 1251.  Today is her “dies natalis… birthday (into heaven)”.   However, there is an amazing event in Viterbo … Read More

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Church groups are losing members. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

The fundamental reason why God gave us a Church which we could recognize by its marks is that we are sinners who are going to die. Through His Church, Christ provides the ordinary means of our salvation. We have the … Read More

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Ash Wednesday – Fasting, Abstainence, and You together with notes on alligator, endothermic moonfish, and muskrat

According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law for the Latin Church, Latin Church Catholics are bound to observe fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesday. Here are some details. I am sure you know them already, but they are good … Read More

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