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ALERT! Registration queue

I just went through the queue of new registrations, which were languishing in limbo. Sorry about the wait.

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ASK FATHER: How early can the Easter Vigil begin?

As we are our observance of the Triduum at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff in the Extraordinary Form, I also received a question about the time to begin the Easter Vigil. The time for the Easter Vigil is explained in … Read More

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VIDEO: Francis’ Mass ad orientem at Loreto and… something else

Two videos of Francis at Loreto, where the Holy House is venerated. First, the whole Mass Francis celebrated… ad orientem.   Take careful note of the dreadful music, with which Italians are regularly afflicted.  Mass starts at about 14:00. No concelebration. … Read More

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25 March: Feast of The Good Thief, St. Dismas

Today is Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation, the instant of the Incarnation. However, 25 March is also the Feast of the Good Thief, St. Dismas! Fulton Sheen famously quipped of this theif saint that he “stole heaven”. Luke 23:39-43: … Read More

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