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UPDATE FROM ROME: Cutting the fabric for vestments

As an update to my post about vestments the other day, here are some shots of the fabric being cut at Gammarelli in Rome for the new set we, the TMSM, are having made. Enjoy! Please donate.  HERE Our intrepid … Read More

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The place libs love to hate has fish sandwiches during Lent (Fridays)

There is an interesting piece at the National Catholic Register about how McDonald’s put the Filet-o-fish sandwich on the menu.  (Hint: market forces!)  I’m not a real fan, but, hey! Here’s more cheerful news. The place libs love to hate, … Read More

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Bp. Schneider obtains an answer from Francis

When Francis signed that troubling document with the Imam in the UAE, a lot of people were confused and upset by an affirmation that seemed to say that God willed a diversity of religions.   Sensing that there was going … Read More

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Friday after Ash Wednesday: Feast of the Crown of Thorns

This Friday is poignant.  Friday after Ash Wednesday is traditionally the Feast of the Crown of Thorns. A significant portion of the Crown is preserved is preserved in Notre Dame de Paris.  They have a special Crown of Thorns Mass … Read More

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