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QUESTION for readers: FAST STB

Do any of you readers out there know of any – officially accredited – schools/programs of study whereby someone could complete an STB quickly?  In less than 3 years? How about by distance learning? The idea would be to get … Read More

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Upcoming Amazon Synod and discussion of the matter (wheat) for the Eucharist

I saw something interesting at Crux about the upcoming, 6-27 October, Amazon Synod. “Amazon” Synod… who will be the first to quip that they will try to sell out the Church? Apparently on the agenda for the Amazon Synod will … Read More

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WDTPRS – 8th Ordinary Sunday: The “Barque of Peter” on turbulent seas

Let us has a swift look at the Collect for the upcoming 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time.  This formulary doesn’t present itself each year because of the vagaries of the Moon.  This year, in the Ordinary Form, there are more … Read More

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