Fishwrap’s latest spittle-flecked nutty about Card. Burke

The Biological Solution keeps rolling up stats and the Demographic Deluge soon to hit the Church will empty pews in the burbs.   What will be left?   Hard to say.  However, I think it will involve the steadily growing traditional communities, with their greater knowledge of and commitment to their Faith and their large, young families.

Meanwhile, at that perennial promoter of all things corrosive to the Faith, Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter), there is an op-ed about something the aging hippies and their younger dupes truly fear:

Editorial: Cardinal Burke is a living symbol of a failed version of church

Pretty funny, really. If anyone embodies failure, it’s Fishwrap.

Fishwrap says with open anti-nomian, “non serviam” hubris, that this is in the print issue – still “fishwrap”! – with the title “Burke’s church is statute-bound, static .”

What set them off? Card. Burke participated in the annual Napa Institute confab, whom they have gnostically labelled “far right”.  Believe me.  Napa isn’t “far right”.  But when you are that far off the edge of the Left, everything looks right and far.

What are Burke’s faults?   He thinks that non-Christians should convert and accept Christ.  He thinks that the Church has a history of teaching about capital punishment that can’t be ignored.  He doesn’t think married men should be ordained.  Etc.

Let’s not waste more time on this.   We can sum up the analytical powers and insights of the Fishwrap by how they captioned the photo at the top of their green-inked whine.

Can you read the small type at the bottom? If not: “U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke waves to the congregation after celebrating Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Cork City, Ireland, July 7. (CNS/Cillian Kelly)”

Fishwrap‘s writers don’t recognize that the Cardinal is blessing not waving.

That is hardly a surprise.  This op-ed is the sort of dreck you produce when your whole vision is the reduction of the supernatural to the natural.

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  1. moosix1974 says:

    Really diggin those bright green Pontificals. I’m sure the lighting made them look more neon than they really were. Looks strange with solo red cassock and cappa magna, but I bet with the rest of the kit, it was quite striking.

  2. jaykay says:

    A never-ending source of amusement is the Wrap. The Farce is strong with this one. You couldn’t make it up… then again, you don’t have to.

    Cdl. Burke was at the annual Fota Liturgical Conference, details here from NLM

    [The Farce is strong with this one.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  3. I rather enjoy living in Cardinal Burke’s vision of THE Church. I don’t live “in church” with left-out articles and disrespectful lack of capitalization.

  4. Gab says:

    Between this “article” at Fishwrap and the desecration of the church in Canada by homosexuals and those who enabled them to do the sacrilegious act, I wonder just how much worse things will get. I have to fight the looming despair that’s following me around like the sword of Damocles and trust in God instead.

  5. Andrew says:

    How much longer can the fish tolerate this rap?

    [It is, after all, an insult to fish.]

  6. JGavin says:

    I have been going to Mass weekly for my entire life. Friends and family did not run away from the TLM. They ran away from dull vapid preaching and teaching. They ran from guitar Masses. They ran to other protestant sects which were often fundamentalist or charismatic in outlook where many perceived the “true” gospel being preached. They ran away from the 1969 Mass and the 1970’s Church.
    Many were repulsed by the scandals and mishandling of the clergy abuse crisis. Note well that this plague involved many on the left and the right in the Church. I would then suggest I have seen it more on the left. Failed version of the Church? This is more a matter of the “version ” that replaced it being the failure.

  7. JGavin says:

    I would also say the “Springtime of the Church as turned into a cold, bitter winter.

  8. eamonob says:

    They have an interesting definition of “failed Church”. Those parishes that practice traditional Catholicism (the presumably “failed” version) have higher Mass attendance, bigger families, more vocations, and less heresy. Interesting definition, indeed.

  9. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:


    The “Fishwrap” is playing a kind of word game, not engaging in wishful thinking. In the run up to the late unpleasantness in July of 1789, if I recall, a certain segment of society started circulating what was called “philosophy”, but which is pornographic, and starting referring to the King and his court as the “ancien regime”. This adjective, which can mean “old”, can also mean “former”… and that’s why it’s relevant here. Even before the king received a “Republican haircut”, partisans began to treat him as if he were already dead. Imagine Monty Python (or is it Faulty Towers?) referring to the parrot, saying, “It wouldn’t be standing up if you hadn’t nailed it to its perch”, and now apply that (true statement in the MP/FT context) to Cardinal Burke and his “failed Church”.

  10. bartlep says:

    I am truly blessed to live in an area where, within a 20 minute drive I can attend a TLM Mass and many reverent NO Masses. Several diocesan priests and two orthodox religious orders are nearby. Confession abounds! I thank God every day for this blessing. All this, in spite of a Marxist bishop!!

  11. SanSan says:

    Saw this scandal on social media and it sadden me so. I pray everyday for more Holy and Faithful Bishops and Cardinal’s like Cdl. Burke.

  12. Johann says:

    The time for the Fishwrap to file for moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

  13. Phil B says:

    It was inevitable that they would show a picture of Burke in the cappa magna (actually, more a picture of the cappa magna with Burke attached to the front).

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