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VIDEO – A message from Card. Burke to the readership of Fr. Z’s Blog

Card. Burke was very kind in making this video. Remember him in your prayers.

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Rome Shot 250

Pray for him.  

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UPDATE 17 August 2021: Renew prayers and offer penances for Card. Burke, who is doing poorly. I have confirmation from two other sources of what someone who knows the family passed on: H.E. is at a critical point with pneumonia. … Read More

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Card. Burke reacts to the St. Peter’s Mass Suppression: rescind it immediately

UPDATE: Card. Burke’s statement can be read at his page: HERE At the National Catholic Register (which is a Catholic paper and not to be confused with the Fishwrap), there is a piece by Ed Pentin about Raymond Leo Card. … Read More

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VIDEO: TLM – Low Mass – by Card. Burke!

Today I am not able to live stream Mass at Noon (CDT).   However, I can post this as a substitute. Cardinal Burke! He says the Votive Mass of Christ the High Priest. He gives a “fervorino”. 42 views as I … Read More

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A few more pics of the beautiful Mass with Card. Burke

A few more shots from last Sunday’s Mass with Card. Burke at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff. His Eminence celebrated a Pontifical Mass at the Throne.

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ROME Day 0: Rain, Dubia Cardinal, and the Great Roman

I have found that uploading photos on the fly, literally, can be difficult.  Hence, thin posting. On the way into Rome, there were some rather ominous clouds piling up. Sure enough.  I got settled into the monolocale macolato and headed … Read More

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Card. Burke on the Synod’s Instrumentum Laboris, proselytizing, accusations

At La Nuova Bussola there is an interview with Card. Burke in English.  HERE Highlights… […] Proselytism means to impose your doctrine on others or to make becoming a member of the Church the condition for receiving material aid. This … Read More

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Fishwrap’s latest spittle-flecked nutty about Card. Burke

The Biological Solution keeps rolling up stats and the Demographic Deluge soon to hit the Church will empty pews in the burbs.   What will be left?   Hard to say.  However, I think it will involve the steadily growing traditional communities, … Read More

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UPDATED: Holy See repression of a certain kind of bishop with a certain kind of message

UPDATE 8 Nov: But wait.  There’s more. Over a Church Militant, Michael is reporting that an Italian author, Aldo Maria Valli, has published a book about whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò. However, the publishing company has been pressured to restrict … Read More

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Card. Burke speaks up

Anger and frustration, fear and ignorance (and being a lib), can lead people to say stupid things.   The ignorant or sub-optimally bright would suggest that Card. Burke might “lead a schism”. CWR has an interview with Raymond Card. Burke.  There … Read More

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“Perhaps we have arrived at the End Times.”

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, there is an interview with His Eminence, Raymond Leo Card. Burke. ‘Perhaps we have arrived at the End Times’: an interview with Cardinal Burke […] CARDINAL RAYMOND BURKE In the present … Read More

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“The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church, even to its summit.”

Fr. Hunwicke has posted at his blog, inter alia, a stunning quote of Paul VI: “The tail of the Devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic … Read More

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Card. Burke’s smashing @Buckfast_Abbey talk on Message of Fatima

There is a video of the talk, but the audio is really bad.  So, I extracted the audio from the video and cleaned it up. Wanna hear it?  It’s classic Burke and hard hitting. There is a LifeSite story about … Read More

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Possible “formal correction” of Pope Francis?

If you read the LifeSite account, you have the impression that Card. Burke may be going for the “formal correction” option.  HERE They seemed to have based their piece on Part 2 of an interview with His Eminence which The Wanderer posted.  … Read More

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