action-item-buttonBy now most of you know about the Biretta for Seminarians Project.

You – seminarians and lay people –

contact John Hastreiter in church goods at Leaflet Missal in St. Paul – 651-209-1951 Ext-331.

Seminarians: give name, address, HAT SIZE and John will put you on the list. Lay people or clergy: Contact John and pay for one or more birettas and John takes care of the shipping, etc.

In light of recent events, and in consultation with Mr. Hastreiter, here is a new project for your consideration.

saturno 02


The Project will work along the same lines as the Biretta Project.

Clerics (priests and deacons – bishops buy your own!), contact Mr. Hastreiter with your information – check your hat size before you call.

Here is a video about how to measure for your HAT SIZE: HERE.  It is important to double-check especially if you have gained or lost a lot of weight or hair.

“Saturno” is, of course, an Italian nickname for the broad-rimmed Roman clerical hat.  Romans also call the hat a “padella… frying pan”.  Otherwise it is a “cappello Romano”.  “Saturno” is fun and pretty much everyone knows it.

Some people in the high realms of power are really triggered by the saturno.  It’s a curious phenomenon.

Mr. Hastreiter informs me that there are a couple options for your saturno.  There are different kinds of Roman hats: woven straw for hot weather (they come in white for when you wear your white cassock), felt (like most normal hats, and pressed fur (often rabbit – warmer – rather shiny as in the photo, above).

The Project should be mainly for deacons and priests rather than for seminarians.  I don’t think that seminarians should be excluded.  That said, it could be that getting a saturno and having it around at the sem is NOT going to do you a lot of good… depending on the faculty and what you do with it.  Be prudent, men, and deny yourself some good things for the sake of the greater goal: ordination.  That said, seminarians aren’t excluded.

¡Hagan lío!  Let the New Evangelization Thrive!

PS: We also need a Spanish Biretta and a Jijin For Fr. Z Project.

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  1. Nicholas says:

    I may be a mostly broke college student, but I can donate a couple dollars to this project. Sadly, I see no such link.

    Is there one for this, Padre?

  2. Links, above. Take a look at the first part.

  3. GHP says:

    Cool! Can it be worn at a forward angle — hatband on bridge of nose — like the Drill Sergeants do?

    I can see a priest wearing his saturno brim angled down, a half-smoked Cohiba between his teeth, and carrying his Catholic Concealed Carry permit.
    “C’mon Satan ….. faciam hodie!”

    — Guy

  4. Unwilling says:

    “triggered by the saturno”
    Does it come in red?
    Make Ecclesia Great Again

  5. teomatteo says:

    “Make Galileo smile, discover a Saturno!”

  6. Gregg the Obscure says:

    this kerfuffle over attire makes me especially angry. one of the finest young priests i know wears a cassock and saturno on a regular basis. very prayerful and joyful guy. i had the privilege of assisting at his first Mass and his seminarian friends graciously allowed me to join in singing the propers. he happens to be currently assigned as chaplain for a diocesan high school. i would not be at all surprised if he helps to foster priestly vocations there.

    [Vocations. Of course that’s part of why the hate Tradition so very much.]

  7. Colm says:

    Any idea how many are on the waiting list? I’ve been on it since 2016. I’m not complaining, just curious. Thank you for putting this together!

  8. maternalView says:

    Could you give me an idea of the donation amount needed? No need to call if it’s out of my budget.

    [Call to find out. Talk to John: very nice.]

  9. iPadre says:

    Fr Z, Fr. Rich really needs a saturno. You know who I mean. Too many pics of him with one photoshopped in.

  10. daughteroflight says:

    Can someone explain why everyone is hating on saturnos? I can somewhat see why a biretta (for instance) might draw complaints – it’s not very functional. But the saturno just seems … practical?

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